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  • Justice Department warns Oscar group against blocking streaming services like Apple TV+

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    I'm an Academy member.

    1. No one is being "excluded." The proposed rule change is about fairness. Netflix and services that are primarily about streaming have an unfair advantage over traditional film studios because the streamed films are potentially seen early by millions of viewers in their homes, whereas traditional studios' films are first shown in theaters before eventually streaming later. (In fact to be eligible for an Oscar, a film must be shown in a commercial theater for at least one week.)

    The proposed change would simply require that Netflix, et al, show their films in theaters only (at first), just like other movie studios. It merely evens the playing field. 

    2. The Justice Department has literally NO jurisdiction here, and they know it (which is why this letter was leaked, instead of published by the government, which is the norm).

    Justice Department officials are reportedly mortified that they've been required to stoop to such petty nonsense. This laughable "warning" was clearly requested by the president, who has on numerous occasions attempted to "stick it" to companies or organizations with whom he has a personal grudge. 
  • The truth about what's actually good and bad about Apple News+

    Johan42 said:
    I’ve found every article from AN+ on the publishers’ website for free.’s a waste of money.
    You're missing the point.

    Of course you can find the articles elsewhere by visiting each publisher's web site, one at a time, and looking for an article. But are those articles from different publishers all in one place, presented beautifully? Do they typically feature animation? And for the publishers that charge access on their web sites, are you getting dozens (or hundreds) of magazines for one price? Does each of those publishers' web sites automatically download the latest issue to your device for you to read at your convenience?

    If Apple News+ isn't for you, that's fine. If convenience, presentation, and value (many titles for one price) don't appeal to you, that's fine. But if your belief that it's "a waste of money" is based primarily on your ability to search all over the web and find the same articles for free, you're missing the point.
  • Inside iOS 10: Apple makes big changes to actionable notifications

    knowitall said:
    UI design rule one: al doable actions need visual clues.