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  • Apple testing USB security key support for Safari

    This is the very long awaited implementation of 'Something You Have' as a method of authentication. Ideally, this is combined with 'Something You Know', such as a password, and 'Something You Are', such as your fingerprint or face. These are the standard three factors of multi-factor authentication. A fourth factor, already available to smartphone users, is 'Somewhere You Are', as in GPS coordinates matching an approved authentication site or verification that the net user is located in their specified home or office.

    I've had a Yubikey for 10 years, waiting for Internet security to catch up. Meanwhile, Yubikey has added NFC authentication as well as FIDO U2F, FIDO 2, OpenPGP, OATH and FIPS 140-2 compliance. Apparently, it took Google getting into the USB key business this year to kickstart universal interest. *sigh* Better late than...
  • Cable & ISP groups sue to block California's net neutrality protections

    It's Corporatocracy vs We The People!
    There will be blood.
    It's the second revolution!
    We shall be free again.
  • Australia passes contentious encryption bill opposed by Apple, other tech companies

    Fine. Apple can make a 'Stupid iOS' version for the self-destructive, totalitarian rectal pores in Australia, China, Russia, ad nauseam.... The rest of us get REAL security.

    The next day, the backdoor into Stupid iOS becomes public knowledge and the free world SHAMES Australia, ad nauseam.

    For those who'd enjoy learning about the fruits of totalitarian surveillance, the estate of George Orwell very kindly provides a FREE copy of the book 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' to read online here:

    "The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it, moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard. There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live -- did live, from habit that became instinct -- in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized. . . ."

    Have fun Australia. I personally will NEVER give up my human right to PRIVACY or my right to NOT INCRIMINATE MYSELF. It's built into my country's Constitution. Sad to be you. Happy to enjoy Apple's devotion to human rights!

    Oh and Australia: The Terrorists Just WON. You lost.
  • Editorial: Apple's move to ARM is possible because most users want power more than compati...

    genovelle said:
    I believe project Catalyst is the key to this transition. It is the Trojan horse. If they can convince a mass of developers to embrace the conversion and especially if they made the process work effort ly in reverse, they will have an enormous catalog of apps that will run on ARM but are customized for use on the Mac. 
    NO. Catalyst is bringing iOS apps to macOS on Intel because Apple can. Bringing RISC apps to CISC CPU architecture is relatively easy. Some Mac users will like them and users. Others will find them limiting.

    Bringing Mac apps to iOS on ARM is not gonna happen. Going CISC to RISC is full of roadblocks. I won't list them as they've been covered to death in the past.
  • AT&T lying to customers by showing '5G E' on devices, under fire from other carriers


    For years now, the marketing divisions of all these companies have been foisting the term "4G" on customers when in fact all they're offering is fast 3G mobile technology. REAL 4G is LTE Advanced. If your provider isn't offering you LTE Advanced, then you're using REAL 3G. 3G. 3G. 3G

    And now the liars are ticked off at AT&T for foisting a bigger lie than they are.
  • AirPower wireless charging pad allegedly stalled until spring by heat and interference iss...

    Steve Jobs: "Real artists ship!"
    This is why Steve Jobs never (mostly) announced anything publicly before it was real and ready.

    Andy Hertzfeld:
    Real Artists Ship

    Shakespeare, Macbeth act 1, scene 7:
    "I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only
    Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself
    And falls on the other."

  • China tells Apple to beef up its data security practices

    cpsro said:
    Perhaps China wants more assurance the NSA can't access servers hosted in China.
    It is true. Only US government has been exposed to collecting data worldwide. China has not. Only allegations after allegations. 
    This post is a CCP propaganda FAIL. (Chinese Communist Party)

    I personally have a collection of proven CCP hacks of the WORLD dating back to 1998, the year the USA foolishly granted China Most Favored Nation Status. At this point in time, due to the incessant proven hacking of the USA, Most Favored Nation Status has been eroded by the US federal government back to nothing.

    Here is a phrase that gives away the entire show, CCP:
    Red Hacker Alliance, formed with CCP assistance, eventually folded into the Chinese government. Play denial games and get bitten back, liars.

    This ISN'T "allegation":

    The Spy Who Hacked Me

    I await your usual scam calls and scam emails of chastisement for pointing out the FACTS OF THE MATTER. Stop your criminal activity and actually benefit your country, CCP!
    LOL Is your English good? Read this sentence. "Henderson speculates that while the Chinese government may not actively sponsor these groups, there may be, at least, a tacit complicity. " So your words are disinformation at best. 
    I suggest you direct that comment to the author of "Dark Visitor" (about the history of the Chinese hacking movement), Scott Henderson. 
    I am not Scott Henderson, obviously.

    More from Scott Henderson:
    Of course it is Henderson words. It is clear now your English is not good. 
    I'm enjoying this so...
    You are incoherent, waveparticle. You have FAILed the Turing Test.
    √ Bot Swatted.

    Oh and as promised, failed CCP propagandists, MORE:

    From 2021, China attacks Israel:

    From 2018, fascinating:

    China’s Green Army: Capitalism Defeats China’s First Hacking Group

    From 2010:

    Hacktivism of Chinese Characteristics and the Google Inc. Cyber Attack Episode

    LOL You are a newbie. Hackers are all over the world since the beginning of PC.
    √ CCP BOT SWATTED. 1001110110010 and then some!
  • Apple plans to launch 5G iPhone in 2020, report says

    Q: Which "5G"?

    A wireless voice and data standard defined by the Third Generation Partnership Program (3GPP)?
    Release 15, 5G specifications
    Release 16, IMT-2020 submission for an initial full 3GPP 5G system

    A vague marketing term that doesn't necessarily qualify as adhering to the real "5G" standard?
    Verizon Launches Proprietary 5G Fixed Wireless Service

    A: Yes.
    As with "4G", there's a difference between the standard and what is implemented by the various companies involved. IOW: Baloney ahead. Be careful what you're actually buying. I find it useful to keep an eye on the changing history, description and specifications of 5G provided at Wikipedia:

    a) There's "5G NR" (New Radio), a preliminary standard from last December, being 'deployed' at a few places around the world. Whether these implementations will work within the finished standard is uncertain.
    b) There's Verizon's 'proprietary 5G', referred to in a link above, whatever that is. 
    c) Testing continues of contrasting 5G send and receive hardware implementations in the field.
    d) Health problems potentially caused by exposure to 5G EM frequencies have become of critical concern.

    Regarding health problems, just yesterday the National Institute of Health was at last allowed to release a report from their US National Toxicology Program (NTP) proving that wireless radiation is a Class 1 Human Carcinogen
    $25 Million NIH Study Proves Wireless Technology Causes Cancer and DNA Damage - US Brain Tumor

    “The $25 million US National Toxicology Program Study has proven again what other studies have shown us that wireless radiation is a Class 1 Human Carcinogen like cigarette smoke and asbestos and should be treated as such. The NTP study proved wireless radiation can cause cancer and it can damage our DNA which can lead to a host of serious diseases. We must warn people and minimize exposure. I along with more than 200 of my colleagues who are expert in the field have called for a moratorium on the roll out of 5G which promises to maximize our exposure to harmful wireless radiation...."

    I added bolding for emphasis.

    Conclusion: 5G has problems.
    We're certainly not going to see the real thing in 2019. We may not see it in 2020. Considering the health implications, we may not see real 5G at all.