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  • Purported 6.1-inch LCD 'iPhone Xc' shown off on social media

    Also, can’t they engineer out the camera bump? I mean, come on! Jobs would have never stood for this. Bunch of slackers! I mean, I can understand that they had to do it that one year but it’s been several years now and they still haven’t figured out a solution?
  • Purported 6.1-inch LCD 'iPhone Xc' shown off on social media

    Hmm, looks like Cook is getting political with the red, white and blue colors.
  • Why Apple is now focusing on users, not units in Fiscal 2019

    jcc said:
    ElCapitan said:
    "for every Mac user there are 18 iPhone and iPad users" - Yes there is, but nothing goes down as fast as a fashion company the gets uncool.

    Combine that with a company that increasing is pricing themselves out of the market in country after country, that don't bother to renew hardware so they lose their highest paying and historically most loyal customers.

    Look, Apple can focus all they want on fashion customers, group identities, virtue signaling, and production of toothless moves and curated news. I say GOOD LUCK with all of that, because it is a recipe for moving the company into something people easily can turn agains and away from. 

    Apple used to be the pride of the industry, the beacon everyone looked up to while they stole it's technologies scrambling to keep up. – Not so any more. 
    Jesus so  much nonsense.

    Apple is over 40 years old. What other PC companies of their era have this staying power, not to mention mind-blowing historic success?

    They aren't pricing themselves out of anything -- despite you whiners, the X was the best selling model offered since it came out. And they're still killing it. Raising the price of the Mini to accommodate inflation and switch from mobile to desktop components isn't pricing themselves out of the market either. 

    Apple used to be the scorn of the industry, until their maddening success proved otherwise. And their designs are still ripped off every year. Get real my guy.

    Yea, that was before Steve died. What product released after his death has been as successful? Their revenues are tiny. Insignificant.
    Ever hear of the billion dollar drug?  It’s an informal measure in the biotech/pharma industry that signifies a blockbuster new medicine.  $1b in annual revenue is never tiny or insignificant.  Apple Watch is likely running at $10b+, AirPods at $4b, Apple Music at $5b, Beats at $2-3b, pencil+HomePod maybe adds $1b.  Apple is minting blockbusters whole iPhone revenue is up very significantly since the company went to large screens, counter to Jobs proclamations about one-handed use.  Now you wanna say the iPhone and every advance made to it is all down to Steve, then you also gotta own his position on one-handed use and stand on the their he’d have never allowed larger screens.  So it’s not about which products were released after Jobs died; that’s an arbitrary, but convenient for your argument, position.  Apple itself is an incredibly successful company, with zero signs of slowing down.  
    No, what I’m saying is that Steve was all about FOCUS. He would not have made 3-4 variations of the same sized phones. He would have made 2. A large iPhone and a small iPhone. Just like he did with the iPad before he died. Instead, now we have the Plus, the X, the Xr, the X plus...do you see where I’m going with this? Why do they have so many variations of a large phone separated by so little difference? Where is the small version?

    If you recall, Cook use to make fun of Android for being fragmented. So why is he fragmenting the iPhone lineup? I’ll tell you why. Like Android OEMs, he has no clue what people want and will just spray and pray hoping something sticks. Well, there are those of us out there who’s simpatico with Steve’s way of doing things. The greatest mistake he made before he died was telling Cook to never , “ask what would Steve do.” As we can now all see the fallout from that single mistake.
  • Why Apple is now focusing on users, not units in Fiscal 2019

    brucemc said:
    jcc said:
    Why Apple is focusing on users not units? Because units aren’t growing like they used to. I will say though seeing Apple become a company focused on extracting more money out of existing users is kind of depressing. Not nearly as exciting as the great product reveal on stage.
    Exactly the strategy Sculley used and look how well that turned out? When you focus on extracting every last dollar out of your customers instead of making the best products, it’s a race to the bottom.
    So your contention is that Apple is NOT trying to make the best products in their markets?
    - The iPhone XS/Max/XR are not "best products"?  That is not what reviewers and customer satisfaction says.
    - Apple is not making the best smart watch?  That is not what users, marketshare or profit share would say.
    - Apple is not the leader in the top tier of laptops/desktops?  That is not what users, profit share, creatives, and non-corp use would say.
    - The iPad is not, essentially, the only true "computing tablet" in the market, with a share greater than 80% for devices over $200?  And Apple didn't just introduce the most advanced tablet ever with the new iPad Pros, with amazing screen, computation, drawing capability, graphics...?
    - AirPods are not considered the best truly wireless earphone buds for the broad market, with incredible user satisfaction?

    You can "make money from your user base", but do so BY having great products.

    Now, I realize that there is no arguing with someone like you, when your biases and delusion are so clearly evident.  But if you have any reading comprehension, give it a try.
    No, it is you who don’t “get it.” Blackberry was once considered the “best.” But best of what exactly? Sure, you can claim that by having a market share in the 90’s and making buckets of cash that it’s somehow “great.” But to great product visionaries like Steve, they were garbage. So, the problem with you and people like you is that, to quote Steve about MSFT, “you have no taste.” You wouldn’t know a great product if it fell on top of your head. Neither does Apple after Steve’s death.

    I’ll give you a couple of example, first Apple Watch. One of the great talents of Steve was that he could immediately tell you what the essential feature/s of a product need/s to have BEFORE launch. He will not launch the product unless those feature/s are available. So what exactly is the essential feature of the Apple Watch? Clearly, Cook didn’t have a clue. His initial strategy was to try to compete against luxury watches. He thought that it’s a luxury fashion product. He hired Angela thinking that the next great Apple product needs a fashion expert. That’s dumb. If Steve were alive he would curse him out for being so dumb. So, do you know what the essential feature is?

    I’ll tell you what it is, it’s health diagnostics. The watch has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with health. So, after 4 years they finally come around to making it read EKG. What about blood pressure, what about other vital stats? The real killer feature is to be a real time vitals monitoring device. It’s having a doctor strapped to your wrists. So, if you realize that THIS is the true value in building and selling a watch, would you have released it so soon and without any of those features? Well, Cook did.

    Second, AirPods. The first interation was decent but why haven’t they released a noise canceling version? They already have most of the technological pieces in place. Surely they realize how many more people are interested in this killer feature right? I mean, you’ve gotta be really dense not to know this and yet, it’s been 2 years. Where is it? How many more years will it take before Cook realizes that this is a killer feature? Instead, I bet the next version won’t have it but will have some other pretty useless feature that he will then attempt to spin that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.
  • Here's why adding Face ID to the 'iPhone SE 2' could be a good idea

    They need to have 2 models. one for the people who like the small form factor and not because they're cheap/poor. Even Steve Jobs liked the small form factor.
  • Defending Tim Cook: Why Apple remains in good hands

    The people defending Cook are really confused. Even that super bozo Sculley ran Apple very successfully with record beating quarters for many years after he fired Jobs. We all know how well that worked out!

    The fact if the matter is, bureaucrats like Cook and Sculley can run a company for only so long before the crap hits the fan. It’s already starting to at Apple. This was about how long Sculley ran Apple after jobs before it ran aground.

    Jobs was an entrepreneur. That’s a completely different animal. For example, people keep asking why Apple kept so much cash around. This was before Jobs died and Cook started giving it away. Every entrepreneur knows why. Bozos and bureaucrats don’t. They don’t have a clue why a company needs to hoard cash.
  • Apple lowers holiday quarter guidance on lower than expected iPhone sales

    Here we go...the ring of fire song by Cash comes in handy right about now....hold on to your pants folks. Especially you young ones who hasn’t experienced this before...
  • iPhone interest in China going 'from bad to worse,' hitting suppliers

    Where are those who keep saying that Cook is doing a wonderful job? Is it wonderful now? This is what happens when you lack product vision and you keep coming up with weak products that you try to pass off as premium. At some point, the chickens come home to roost. Tim Apple needs to get a clue.
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