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  • Netflix says use Safari on Apple Vision Pro, because you aren't getting an app

    Since Netflix is not on any or the other goggle headsets they are in no rush to be on an elite goggle product from Apple. I would think  once the product works and gets priced under 1k they may take a second look.
  • AI news curation service Artifact is closing down very soon

    Too bad, I liked it but it had one major flaw for me and that was no website access, just the iPhone app. At least with Apple or Google I can read news articles in from my computer.
  • Apple Vision Pro will have over 600 native apps on launch day

    So everyhting I can do on my current mac I can do with Vision Pro and why do I need 3D again?
  • What's Apple's Vision Pro killer app?

    'Killer App' People still think this is 1990 and the arrival of computer for the home. That was fine then but now, sorry there won't  be a killer app. The iPhone itself was a killer app. The AirPods were the killer app and web browsers & the internet changed the way we use computers. All Vision Pros do is take excisiting vertical market goggles and make them pretty. Same apps as on your Mac, iPhone and iPad just  presented in a 3D format. All the tech industry does today is try to get people to buy newer hardware, because there is a lot of money to be made in selling hardware. The VP use the same apps as we have been using for years. Was the iPad a radical idea, nope just a big screen iPhone without the phone. Vision Pro is just an another computer without an external display. As for the vertical market yes there will be interesting Apps but for the rest of us not so much. It will be niche market that when the price comes down Apple will dominate.
  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    I love it but it is priced out of my league. I have owned MacPros since they came out, switched to an iMac and now a Mac Mini. I'm disappointed they can't come in a price range under 3K. This truly is a computer for the 1%.
  • What's the value of Apple's Vision Pro spatial computing?

    I went to the Apple Store to use AVP for 30 minutes, which lives up to all the hype. it's an amazing experience. My thoughts were mostly about it as an entertainment device rather than an everyday computing device. Yes, it's hot, my face was sweaty after using it, and I felt dizzy for a while. This brings up long-term health issues of using a display strapped to your face and the ability to look away from something so close to your face to refocus your eyes from time to time. I will be curious to hear from users who have been using AVP for a long time. Meanwhile, I will sit on the sidelines waiting for a cheaper version that I can buy even cheaper when people return them.
  • Developer interest in Apple Watch eclipsed by iOS and tvOS, report says

    brucemc said:
    hmmm maybe no one is buying the watch, like myself, I can't find a compelling reason to own one.
    Maybe you need to look harder.
    The watch is fashion beyond the fanboys and girls I think I have seen 5 people with the watch while I travel everyday in NYC to get to work. Again give me a a compelling reason to own one.
  • Developer interest in Apple Watch eclipsed by iOS and tvOS, report says

    hmmm maybe no one is buying the watch, like myself, I can't find a compelling reason to own one.
  • Nancy Pelosi expresses disappointment over Tim Cook's GOP fundraiser

    Tim cook must be one of those log cabin Republicans. kind of like a jew joining the nazi party because he likes what they stand for in regards to business policy, but looks the other way when comes to social issues that involve discrimination again gays. As Steve Jobs told Obama Apple will never bring jobs back to the US. That's the Republican way screw the little guy.