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  • New renders of Apple's 10.5" iPad Pro demonstrate thin bezels, microphone placement

    Thinner bezel. Great. More random unintended screen clicks, and constant readjusting to see the part hidden in your clothes. Thanks Apple, way to ignore reality as per usual.
  • Inside iOS 11: AirPlay 2 on existing speakers requires firmware update, support for Apple'...

    Still using my 802.n Expresses to receive music all over the house from Airfoil. Such a joy to be off the "always more to spend" bandwagon. Some folks get rich by not spending money. AirPlay has always kinda sucked anyway.
  • Editorial: The super exciting failure of CES 2018

    Sadly, CES looks more and more like proof we have run out of original ideas. The electronics revolution has slowed to a crawl waiting for those forever nuclear batteries they promised us in the 1950s. And ultimately, electronics are a poor substitute for living your life. We're in a funk, and need something wholly new, not just smaller and harder to read.

    Entropys - Jobs was one of the truly rare breed who's vision animated whole areas of technological potential. Apple as a company has had a frustrating habit of proffering, then abandoning good ideas. If you ask me, Siri is following the usual pattern at Apple. What concerns me is are there any actually new ideas coming behind? And I don't mean silly things like facial recognition, or animating yourself using a turd emoji.

    My father was an early adopter with Sony. We had 1/2" reel to reel home video in the 1960s, but Sony ran out of steam after the Walkman. I've been an early adopter with Apple, but Apple ran out of steam after the iPhone. If it's important enough to you, substitute the watch for the phone. The outcome is still going to be the same. Once again, until we move beyond electronics as panacea, folks better get used to ever smaller "innovations." Making ever bigger TVs is small stuff. Internet connected refrigerators...
  • Apple's unified iPhone userbase could help kickstart augmented reality industry

    Somebody has to say it, VR may have some specialized uses, but in the main stream it is little more than a way for pot heads to check out. I wonder what the physical and mental fallout will be from all this. Right now, there are almost no young people coming into the workforce for a first job. I'm hiring retirees part time to fill roles which used to go to high school kids. What are we supposed to do with the next batch of children who will grow up in an even more fake reality than the world of gaming we have now?