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  • Apple approves Telegram update after Russian government demands app shutdown

    IreneW said:
    It pulled an app that sent alerts whenever the USA dropped bombs overseas.

    I haven't heard this before, what app was that and what particular app store rule did it violate? Do you have a link?
    Here you go:


  • Apple's temporary Fifth Avenue store coping with bed bug infestation

    "It's speculated that the bug may have arrived with one of the homeless visitors the location regularly receives."

    Delete this. This is a classist and ignorant statement.

  • Google is violating Apple's iPhone app privacy rules the same way Facebook did [u: disable...

    wood1208 said:
    Apple,you are business and while holding privacy Ethics torch, at the end of day you are a business to make money for shareholders and employees.  Stop this die-hard privacy triumph. Most people outside USA(may be some Europeans) don't even care privacy long as you sell your products and services cheap. Sorry, Money talks,walks, and everything else for most people in world...
    How many people on Apple products related websites like Apple-insider,9to5Mac,MacRumers,etc come and say give me privacy at any cost ? Most say, Apple products are expensive even thought they like to own.
    I'm here to say "Give me privacy at any cost". This is exactly the reason why I use Apple products.
  • Foxconn's Wisconsin deal riskier for taxpayers than originally thought

    There's also a huge cost in eminent domain. Eminent Domain is to be used when taking of private land for public use, not for handing it over to private developers.

    The local township is about to face some lawsuits because folks don't want to move because a private developer doesn't want to pay.

    This whole project is a boondoggle for $12 an hour jobs, and will be costing the residents of the state of Wisconsin for generations.

    Gotta love corporate welfare.
  • Editorial: Apple just told you that they aren't going to make an 'iPhone SE 2' any time so...

    Current iPhone SE owner here. I went from a 5s to a 6, and absolutely HATED the camera bump, and the bump in size. Skipped the 6S, and went to the SE as soon as it was available. I'm now on my 3rd SE. I used to buy a new phone every year, until Apple decided bigger is better. I want a phone that can disappear into my pocket, has a good camera, and can EASILY be used with one hand. I'll gladly return to my annual purchases if Apple can make a small phone. For things that require a bigger screen, I bring along my brand new iPad mini; with pencil support, it has replaced a paper notebook that was always with me.

    As for saying the 8 isn't that much bigger than the SE; it's bigger than a 6. It's big enough to be annoying to use.

    Apple, please go back to your trend of making the best and smallest. I'll gladly pay for a small phone loaded w/ the latest tech.

    And the naysayers who say "just get an apple watch". It's not the same. Not the same interface, not the same functionality, and it takes 2 hands to do anything aside from tell time or view whatever complication that's on the current display.

    If there is no small phone to replace the SE, and support / software updates for it ends, I may have to consider leaving the Apple ecosystem for something like the Palm Palm; a truly small phone.
  • Apple's deal to sell on Amazon directly is crushing small resellers by design

  • Facebook staring down possibility of 20 years of FTC oversight to end privacy probe

    Until executives and other leadership are PERSONALLY held responsible for the actions of the companies they run, nothing will change.

    And if you try to hide behind "corporate personhood" well, then we need to start dissolving some of these bad actors.
  • 'Right to Repair' debate in DC continues, focuses on monopoly busting

    No law in any jurisdiction can force a company to sell its products in a disassembled form, that would destroy the free market and not possible even in China. Right to repair or right to service? Choose one you cannot have both.

    Lets face it... the easy days of repairing devices is over.  This isn’t just Apple, but all the major electronics companies...everything is now glued or soldered on.  Consumers have benefited from increased durability and smaller devices.  Smallish repair shops can’t maintain high quality in this new environment.  It’s not just quality components (OEM) being available, but diagnostics equipment, etc.

    The “discussion” is over... but no one has told the politicians.
    Cradle to grave legislation is very likely to arrive in the next several years, especially if the GOP loses the Senate.

    As we are seeing w/ the banning of single use plastics, this tenor of legislation will move up the food chain.

    If a manufacturer is responsible for the full life cycle of its products, you can bet your bottom dollar that disassemblability will be considered in future product designs.

    The days of throw away glued together products are numbered, and that cannot come soon enough.
  • Apple & Tiffany partnering with Alaskan gold environmental stewards

    All I’m reading is Apple is going to source (buy) gold from RESOLVE to be used in their products.  What I’m not reading is Apple putting money into the project.  This tells me Apple is expecting the gold from this project to be priced competitively, and they’re just allowing RESOLVE to use Apple’s name to raise funds elsewhere for startup costs.

    It’s great that they want metals that have been mined responsibly, but is this really better than working with recyclers? 

    All RESOLVE is doing is pledging not to do additional environmental damage that inevitably comes with starting a new mine.  They’re basically going through other mines trash, with the expectation of finding gold the previous miner missed.  For that privilege (access) they’re going to fill in some holes (etc) which they acknowledged would take care of themselves eventually...basically they’re removing an eye sore.

    All this is fine...even good, but the announcement is 99% PR.  Using 1% less plastic in Apple’s products and/or packaging would have a greater impact on the environment.

    Good PR by Apple.  Got to give them credit for knowing their customers...

    Did you miss the part about habitat restoration? It's not just "filling holes". SMH.