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  • San Bernardino victims to support FBI in iPhone decryption fight

    I hear that Geraldo Rivera is going to host a show where the opening of the iPhone to reveal it's secrets will be broadcast from inside Al Capone's Vault.
    michael scripbaconstangradster360
  • After citing $53M in personal debt, Kanye West begs fans to subscribe to Tidal

    thrang said:
    This is hilarious...
    Obama was right on this at least, West is a 'jackass.'
  • Apple's Photos apps for iOS 10 & OS X 10.12 to restore iPhoto editing features - report

    Adobe, with Lightroom, Photoshop and a compliment of programs and apps has absolutely killed Apple in serving the professional photography market.  

    I would like a refund for Aperture.
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson lauds Tim Cook's stand against FBI demands

    All Jessee wants is to have some blacks get jobs at Apple.  I understand that, but tech is and should remain, a meritocracy, and unfortunately in tech, whites, indians, asians are winning the battle for these jobs, but not through racial quotas, or affirmative action, but through brain power and skill set.  Jessie would do better for his black family by encouraging family values, education, work ethic, self reliance, and clean living, rather than political intimidation, and self agrandization. Jackson is frankly, a horrid role model for black youth - as is evidenced by his son, now a failure with an entirely ruined reputation, and an ex con.  Now that his son is out of Jail, (and his daughter is going in to do her time), maybe Jessee Jr. can bribe Cook into giving him a job, because I seriously doubt if junior is going back to Congress, but then one can never underestimate the stupidity of Chicago voters.
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson lauds Tim Cook's stand against FBI demands

    Jackson is a corrupt Chicago politician, who's main claim to fame is that he gets his mug in the background behind famous people.  His son just did a few years in prison, and his daughter is going next.  He's such a class act that he referred to New York as 'jewtown.' 

    If you like Chicago politics, pay to play cronyism, rampant drug crime and the 32 shootings just last weekend, you probably love Jackson.

    Cook further shows his true radical leftist colors by posing with this creep.  

  • Tim Cook: FBI is asking Apple to create 'software equivalent of cancer'

    entropys said:
    Would he look into a phone if a terrorist attack were planned for Apple HQ?  You can bet he would.
    I would imagine he would be too busy making sure his employees were safe and the building secure to navel gaze while his engineers spent months building a backdoor for iPhones.

    Not a good analogy mate.
    Theoretically, the time and place of an armed terrorist attack would not be known, and the information would be locked on someone's iPhone.  The only thing that would be known is that the plans were made and they are available on an iPhone. The government would have a clear right, with plenty of legal precedence, to demand that information not be withheld. 
  • Apple rails against FBI demands for 'GovtOS' in motion to vacate decryption request

    john galt said:
    ... and every single one of the Republican candidates for President of this once great nation advocated compelling Apple to yield to the overwhelming power of government to compel them to create a product that does not exist and for which there is no market need. That confirmed beyond any doubt there is no difference among those elected to allegedly serve the public: they're all sick twisted control freaks, no matter what color they might be. None of them has a clue what's at stake in this case. Worse yet is that they're not interested in learning. Nothing good will come of this, not for Apple, not for the public, not for the families of the particular case that's being exploited to fulfill the FBI's wishes, and certainly not future victims of crimes yet to be committed. The latter will certainly become out of control, once it becomes possible for any lowlife to crack into everyone else's personal information. That is the logical result of creating that ability. To see it one must think logically; to connect the dots. It shouldn't take a genius but none of the idiots on that podium appear to be capable of that.
    you might want to get some counseling, 'paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep...' and so on.
  • Bill Gates sides with FBI on Apple encryption fight, says scope is limited to one iPhone

    mattinoz said:
    staticx57 said:
    Slippery slope, Bill, slippery slope.
    It's not a slippery slope. Legal president is more like a jagged cliff.
    You have no 'right' to hide material evidence in a criminal case.  End of story.
  • Maricopa County Attorney bans employees from getting new iPhones, says Apple is 'on the side of ter

    decondos said:
    Yippee, our first dumb-ass knee-jerk (politician) reaction.
    Sorry but the very first dumb-ass knee-jerk reaction came from Tim Cook.  Protect the terrorists 'right to privacy' Tim.. go for it.  Bill Gates, ever heard of him, says Cook is out of line... but it's all marketing anyhow.  "Gee, I'll buy an iPhone because mom and dad won't be able to see the ass photos I'm sending to my boyfriend"
  • Donald Trump says Apple should back down in San Bernardino case

    rs9 said:
    The more I hear Trump the more he sounds like a Communist/Socialist.  He supports more government intervention.  He criticizes Corporate America by moving over seas (Ford, Carrier, etc).  knowing full well a corporations largest expense is salary and health benefits. This is why the Trump line of clothes is made in China. 
    You're right. He's a barely disguised fascist. There are nothing left but really, really bad choices this election.
    Trump is a very practical man, incredibly successful and just want American needs at this time.  Cook should do his duty to the families that lost their loved ones, and help to avoid further attacks of this kind, possibly by people who could be discovered by the information on the phone.  Obama has doubled our national debt, made our borders worthless, signed treaties that enrich our sworn enemies, and allowed ISIL to run without serious restraint - and then there's Obamacare, an insiders game, where the rich get richer.  Trump will use common sense and business standards to move this country forward again.