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  • Apple continuing full-court press against retail unionization efforts

    JP234 said:
    Have unions gone too far? In some cases, definitely. But ask yourself, "self, why are there unions in the first place?" There's only one answer: Corporations exploiting their own workers, denying them basic human rights, and refusing to pay sustainable wages. You want to prevent your workers from unionizing? All you have to do is listen to them, and let them know they're heard. Then just do the right thing.

    I've been a union worker (IBEW Chicago local 134). And I've been a non-union worker (countless lousy, dead end jobs). I also owned a non-union printing business. My employees never saw the need to organize, because I treated them with respect, dignity and generous compensation. In return, they busted their asses for me.

    Let me just say this about unions: If it weren't for them, everyone who is reading this article would be working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. You'd be living in a company town, being paid in company scrip instead of cash. That scrip would only be usable at the company store, where you would pay for all the equipment you need for your job, your food, your household goods, your uniforms, your family's clothes, and your rent. At the end of the week, you'd owe the company store more than you earned. But they'd be willing to carry you for a "reasonable" interest charge, as long as you continue to work for them.

    In effect you'd be what they call a "wage slave." If you haven't read the great Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" it's time you cracked a book. If you don't like reading, watch the great John Sayles movie, "Matewan," the true story of `the miserable lives of coal miners in West Virginia and the violence they were subjected to at the hands of the Pinkerton Security Agency when trying to organize, paid for by the mine owners in collusion with the state government. You've probably seen "Norma Rae" with Sally Field.
    I'd second that sentiment. Have some unions over-stepped their lines, sure. But like you said, nobody wants to be exploited by their employer. If companies would stop paying their top 1% of staff ginormous amounts of $ for admin work and pay the actual on-the-floor-and in-the-weeds-workers better in some cases, maybe unions wouldn't be needed. I can see the argument for a maximum wage in these cases.
  • Google is violating Apple's iPhone app privacy rules the same way Facebook did [u: disable...

    wood1208 said:
    Apple,you are business and while holding privacy Ethics torch, at the end of day you are a business to make money for shareholders and employees.  Stop this die-hard privacy triumph. Most people outside USA(may be some Europeans) don't even care privacy long as you sell your products and services cheap. Sorry, Money talks,walks, and everything else for most people in world...
    How many people on Apple products related websites like Apple-insider,9to5Mac,MacRumers,etc come and say give me privacy at any cost ? Most say, Apple products are expensive even thought they like to own.
    Dude, are you that clueless on how much identity theft happens these days? If you aren't, then you have some learning to do. Having ethics in any big business these days is admirable, given how much influence companies have on our politics. Who says you can't do both? Make $ and have ethics.
  • Oppenheimer: Apple 'lacks the courage to lead the next generation of innovation'

    Same old same old, doom and gloom. How many times has Apple been copied after they introduced something? They may not have to be first, but try to be the best. They have more money than they can spend last I checked. Plus they are very strategic when spending it. Evolution happens in small increments over time. Waiting on new chips from Intel has probably been their big hold-up. The Mac Pro & iMac are probably on the next updates. Hopefully.
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  • Apple Vision Pro will ship to customers on February 2

    hypoluxa said:
    I always go by the adage for all Apple products (pretty much), never be the 1st Gen buyer of said new product. Wait till Gen 3 or later (if you can) at least. Better bang for your $.
    I’ve always been a first adopter and never regretted it. First iMac gave me great service, as did iPhone, iPad, and watch. Did they get better and cheaper over time? Sure. But got a lot of pleasure and use out of each and considered it money well spent. Not a clunker or rip off in the lot. 

    Oh for sure there are items that are pretty much decent outta the box, but some of the capabilities tend to be limited right outta the gate sometimes. I was an iPhone 4 purchaser when I decided to get one after a few yrs of not owning a cell phone. For the iPad I waited until 2018, picked up an 11in Pro version (bought referrbed), then traded it in for a 12.9 in M2 last yr. I guess my argument is mainly about their peripheral devices and not your laptops or desktops.
  • Apple is pushing hard to make the Mac relevant in gaming

    I think Apple is slowly playing the long game here again (as always though). Incrementally over time getting all the pieces together and optimized so that they have a one-stop-shop for all usages on their hardware offerings. Work, play etc.. They want to control all of the major components across the board with their HW, all of which takes lots of time, $ and development hours I can imagine.  People have been too conditioned for instant gratification these days, game-changing things take time.
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  • Only Apple could have made Apple Vision Pro, say firm's design chiefs

    avon b7 said:
    This is Apple getting high on its own delusions.

    It's understandable but still ridiculous. 

    Anybody that thinks only 'they' could do something really needs to rethink things. 

    I think they might have meant that only they could have done it "right", out of the gate. Samsung and the like will most surely copy it and release a sub-par product just like all the other tech manufacturers. Apple is never the first, but almost always the best, in the end. And of course we all pay for it as well...That said, I have no intention of buying one, but it's cool to see what the future might hold in this realm. I'm thinking a pair of actual glasses with this tech at some point. Obviously the hardware will need to be shrunk down incredibly small to fit in a pair of normal looking spectacles.
  • Huawei caught using DSLR photos to promote its photography contest

    Stupid is as stupid does.
  • Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung's second try at foldable smartphones

    cornchip said:
    solution in search of a problem
    YES! lol
  • Apple Vision Pro will ship to customers on February 2

    I always go by the adage for all Apple products (pretty much), never be the 1st Gen buyer of said new product. Wait till Gen 3 or later (if you can) at least. Better bang for your $.
  • Cook 'incredibly excited' about generative AI coming to Apple gear later in 2024

    I just want Face ID on my MacBook! And Siri to be smarter too....yeah. We'll get there..eventually.