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  • Apple retailer Simply Mac is shutting down

    I was a 4 year employee of Simply Mac. I was let go last year after being accused of theft by someone one or two rungs from the top of the company, with no proof. They treated me like an absolute dog.

    They fired my boss for wanting to close in those very early days of the pandemic, when we had a very early case of COVID and no protocols were established. They berated and insulted her to the point of her being let go for insubordination, a store manager. I picked up the pieces and through two failed store leaders.

    I managed to keep it going and I was let go for one troublesome count. At the same time a half dozen other 4+ year vets from a bunch of stores were also let go for minor issues. This company deserved to fail terribly.

    I can also confirm that one store had a service leader who was abusive to female customers and coworkers to the point he was let go despite him being the only management the store had. 

    I'm so so so sorry to the people who are being shafted - but the company never planned for how to survive. They tried expanding during an incredibly unreasonable time, and used PPP funds to line pockets rather than sure up business. Good riddance to the company.
  • Shipping delays continue to dog Apple's 4" iPhone SE

    But I was assured this phone was uninteresting and uninspired and no one wanted it.
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  • Intel-based iMac refresh will launch in the next week, leakers claim

    vukasika said:
    No one wants this outdated look anymore.  Zero interest in paying Apple prices for a 2012 design.
    If they're there, they'll sell. I sell Macs at an AASP and plenty of people want the iMac. Our channel has been dry as all get out and I have had to beg borrow and barter to get them, because of WSFH and a lot of people's older 2009-2011 iMacs starting to age out. Older folks like the large screens on the 27", more traditional users like them, and they have larger storage drives. 
  • Apple retailer Simply Mac is shutting down

    Dybarra1317: I can agree with and confirm everything you've said. Give your wife my deep condolences for her treatment, I hope with the bankruptcy they lose the ability to fight the unemployment. 
  • April Fools: get ready for the worst jokes in the tech industry

    rcfa said:
    Microsoft‘s Surface Hardware is cool, and in several ways more interesting than Apple‘s offerings, same goes for some non-Apple Smartphones.

    The Problem: they don’t run macOS respectively iOS. It’s the software that is key to the Apple user experience, and that often means biting the bullet of biting inferior, overpriced, misdirected hardware.

    e.g. the stupid MacBook PRO, that maxes out at 16GB RAM and 2TB storage, when even Apple’s own MBP from a few years ago already had 16MB RAM, and can take 8TB SSD, as if real PRO users give a damn about how “thin” their stupid machines are; if they’ve did, they’d be in the market for MB Airs.

    A pro user wants to see 32-64GB ECC RAM and 4+TB storage capacity, and slots for media cards without external periphery.

    Apple still has not a single touch/pen enabled portable or desktop, requiring pro users buying expensive stuff like Wacom screens, etc.

    But without the Apple software, none of the attractive hardware from other vendors is of interest.

    The article makes the mistake to attribute the sales failures of these devices to the hardware, rather than to the abysmal operating systems found on these devices.
    Can I make an input here, as someone who's been a Mac tech for about two years now?

    I can see 30+ machines a day. my store has contracts going back over a decade with big advertising firms and schools and everything else.

    The number of these supremely decked out machines I see is miniscule. I almost never see 16+GB in machines that can take it, and I almost never see 4+ TB SSDs in machines that can handle it.

    And when they are there, my personal notice is that a good majority are not being used very effectively - they're overbought machines by people with more money then sense. They just said "Give me the biggest/best/most expensive thing" then use it for Word and Bejeweled. 

    I don't think in the age of cloud storage and efficient ram usage the fact that Macs have 16/2TB is hurting anyone significantly. I'm sure you know dozens of people who are just seething with rage that they can't produce render Toy Story 4 at Starbucks but in reality, that group is very, very small, and to be blunt, demanding and unprofitable. 

    And I'm guessing you have never used consumer-grade pen input in a computer, because if you have, then you'd know why it belongs on Mobile devices. THere's nothing wrong with leaving high-end options to the third-party providers. 
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  • Apple polling MacBook Pro owners on use of headphone jack, other ports

    I'm sorry, I got Apple's argument on the phone, but on a laptop where they're not constrained by the things they had to worry about on the Phone? Sorry, that's silly. What about schools where you plug in your computer to speakers to show presentations? Just having better speakers on an iMac? Audio output to recorders? TOSLink setups?

    This is REALLY looking for a problem that doesn't need a new solution. I hope that the people taking the survey thoroughly knock this idea down. 
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  • Tim Cook says Apple won't merge Mac and iPad

    Marzipan is probably just a back-end method so one set of code can connect and the OS does the things about connecting the interface, letting the OS do whats best for the available hardware.

    Think of it like this: Twitter just discontinued its mac client. Why? Because it's a lot of work up keeping both iOS and Mac. Imagine if the same codebase could with a press work on both iOS and Mac, and the OS handled if there's cursor or a touch interface.

    It'd be a big boon to MacOS. Thats what I believe it's for, not any hair brained scheme to merge OSes. 
  • macOS 10.15's Music app should retain core iTunes features

    hentaiboy said:
    How about drag and drop file support for iOS devices? Oh that's right, Apple doesn't trust us with file systems...
    Working daily with people's files, I think they're 100% right not trust the vast majority. Most, to be blunt, are complete morons. Simple is better. 
  • Apple, other tech companies decry North Carolina anti-LGBT law

    The preservation of privacy and morals are paramount here. 

    Mono woman or young girl should ever have to see a mans penis in a ladies restroom. EVER. 

    and no man should have to deal with the flip side. 

    Let's get real here. 

    No matter what you "identify" as, male and female are as physically descriptive as can be. Heck we even have male and female connectors in engineering. 

    So identify to hear hearts content. But go to the male restroom if you are male. 


    Mono father should have to worry about some dude who thinks he's a girl taking a leak next to his daughter or wife. 

    Enough is snough. And shame on Apple and others for getting involved. 

    Tim wants to be with other dudes. Ok. That's his prerogative. But I bet he uses the right bathroom for crying out loud. 
    Transgender and Gay are two separate things. And no, it's not as simple as "penis = man", "no penis=woman". Interesex people. People who have suffered genital damage. Transitioning people. Lots of gray area here that is not planned for in your philosophy. 

    Go ahead and give me an example of a person who has gone into a restroom, tried to perv on someone in that restroom, and then claimed it was because they were transgender. It doesn't work - no one who has put in the effort and work to be labeled trans would do that because it's not easy. It includes months or years of therapy, hormone replacement, possibly surgery to fit into the desired gender. No one does that just to perv on people.

    We have laws preventing harassment in restrooms and taking pictures of people without their knowledge all ready. These laws are enough. This law is written to hold back LGBT people, and to frighten base Republican voters who are not going to come out to vote for a Texas theocrat or a New York swindler. 
  • Apple, other tech companies decry North Carolina anti-LGBT law

    genovelle said:
    I'm a biological male who doesn't want biological females in the Men's Restroom when I'm using it.  Don't my feelings count for something, too?  

    Restrooms are assigned by sex, not by gender.  Gender is open to cultural interpretation, but biological sex is not.  There are serious risks to creating open bathrooms, and hurt feelings isn't one of them.  

    Before the most tolerant and open minded people on these boards close their minds and start calling me hateful and bigoted, please note that I am all for equality.  But, we must find a better solution than open restrooms.  
    I guess the person who disliked your post thinks it's ok for a 13 year old girl to have to use the mall restroom with a man who claims he identifies as a woman. This will come to a grinding halt when they realize this was the dumbest idea ever. 
    The magic word in your very unlikely scenario is "claims". Transgender people have to go through a lot to get the label. To be considered transgender, you don't get to just say "I'm transgender, time for the ladies room!". You need to have proof - documentation. Talk with therapists, Hormone replacement therapy, things that prove you've started changing. You can't just speak a Harry Potter spell and be what you want (would that you could!). Actually, saying they can't actually stops them from being able to transition - most trans folks live as their desired gender for years before officially changing birth certificates where that can be done. I think using your appropriate restroom is part of living as a gender.

    And let's remember that despite lots of states having trans protection laws there are no specific examples of such a law being abused. Sure some guy might put on a dress to try and perv some pictures or something, but never has it been used as a defense against such charges - because they can't show they're trans. So it won't stop a pervert, it hinders the ability of trans people to do something they're legally able to do, it criminalizes a formerly non-criminal activity, and for all that you get to look like knuckle dragging cavemen who cant' handle LGBT people. And they might lose lots of investment and any sort of mindshare that NC might be "New South".

    This law was written to scare a base who isn't going to come out to vote for the orange goblin Trump, so they're gonna scare folks with gay people. They can't use the gay marriage thing anymore, so you get fools like genovelle here who are told to get scared of perverts who claim to be transgender, despite this not ever actually happening successfully.