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  • Compared: Apple's second-generation Siri Remote versus predecessors

    Nice article. I don’t think we should downplay just how awful the trackpad was. As much as I love Apple, I viscerally hate that remote. 
    I’m not alone in this, this is common for cyclists using Zwift. If you had the smallest bit of sweat on your thumb, no play. It in fact astonishes me that they sold it for so long. I don’t think it’s unfair to say this was a poor move. 
    As a side, ah Apple TV & TV setup is probably the cheapest yet most immersive Zwift setup. Similar price to an iPad I guess but much better. If you’re a cyclist, give it a go!
  • NSO Group CEO says law-abiding citizens have 'nothing to be afraid of'

    Do you think this man has any self awareness into his own lies? You have nothing to worry about, nothing to see here everyone. Never mind that people face ruin simply for having an opinion that some may see as controversial. That’s often based on what they said in public and frequently from years ago. 
    Just think of the influence you’d have over someone if you could enjoy their most private thoughts. Software such as this should only be used in specific limited circumstances and with a court order on each occasion. Breaches of that should result in fines and or imprisonment for NSO executives. 
  • DriveSavers launches passcode-beating iPhone cracking service for the public

    georgie01 said:
    I am really pleased to see these companies producing products like this. We need genuinely secure encryption but we also need people trying (and succeeding) to break that encryption. These products also prove that law enforcement isn’t helpless in the face of encryption and therefore need backdoors, and so they rather should be investing in techniques to legally break the encryption.
    So which law enforcement agency do you work for? 
    In an ideal world, sure, I get it. Regrettably, state actors have consistently and determinedly ignored our collective right to privacy. Any ability to break encryption will be disseminated faster than the Salt Bae meme. Due process and legal oversight will be dispersed just as frivolously. 
  • iPhone 12 boasts latent reverse wireless charging feature, FCC filing suggests

    If AirTags are a real thing, this might be a great way to charge them. 
  • Apple's AR & VR headset will launch into a poorly defined market

    Why? Why would Apple go into this space, the VR/Meta bs is not ready for prime time. Apple does not do markets that are not already going somewhere. If they do this it will bomb. They need to wait let the market mature then come in and do it better than anyone else out there. 

    My kids have no interest and their younger family members got the most popular sets played them for a few days and they have not been used since.

    The commercial aspect is only area where these will make sense and that is really niche.

    My two cents
    Agreed. I commented on another article the other day that I just can’t see this one being true. Looking at the comments in this generally pro Apple thread and there seems to be considerable inconsistency and uncertainty. Let’s be honest, people don’t want headsets or glasses or gloves or rings or anything else that we might have seen trademarked from Apple’s R&D through the years. Sure they might pour money into exploring it, as they should. Doesn’t mean that anything’s coming out to us lot. 

    Reminds me of the Apple Car rumours. AI went quiet on that one. Wasn’t it supposed to be announced in 2020? Must have been killed by Covid.