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  • Apple R&D spending jumps to $2.5B in Q2, accounted for 5% of total revenue

    asdasd said:
    They certainly produced more stuff with fewer people. Cooks Apple is bigger but less efficient than under Jobs. 
    The scale at which Apple operates right now is literally unheard of in any sector of industry. There is a balance between developing new technology and being able to deliver it at the scale that Apple does. Apple has increased their scale so much since Steve's passing, it's unreal. I also think you are seeing history through rose colored glasses. Apple had plenty of duds and recycled concepts during his tenure.

    It's so easy to dismiss their efforts without actually knowing all that goes into producing something.
  • Apple loses influential industrial designer Danny Coster to GoPro

    This story is going to get some weird spin but leaving after 23 years of probably one of the highest pressure gigs in the industry isn't surprising. He probably got a pay bump and a bit more time to relax.
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  • Dead Apple employee identified as 25-year-old software engineer, report says [u]

    I have seen some genuinely disturbing comments here and elsewhere WRT this sad story. People making jokes or trying to link Apple's earnings to this or evening trying to link this to the Chinese factory suicides (which were highly motivated by the payouts factory employees' families would get in the case of a suicide). It is highly offensive and makes light of a tragedy. He was a human being that we literally have zero insight into why he chose to take his own life and people think it is ok to say whatever they want.

    I wish articles like this weren't even open to comments because it leads to the worst of people coming through.
  • Apple refuses to back GOP convention because of Trump politics

    Historically, Apple has supported both conventions. They don't take sides. They are only taking a stand because of Trump. Heck, most people in the GOP don't support him. They don't really have any other choice. I know a lot of conservatives that aren't voting this year because of Trump. Beyond his political boasting, he has directly targeted Apple. Why is Apple required to support the GOP convention? I don't get it.

    If anything, I commend them for having principals. We live in a country that gives us the right to choose what path we take. If Apple shareholders or employees have an issue, get out of the stock or quit your job, but I'm guessing most employees support the decision.
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  • Apple uses platform dominance to 'lock out' competition, says Elizabeth Warren

    Maybe, just maybe, there's no money in streaming music. Apple is probably doing solely as a value add to their platform. They also pay more to artists. Maybe that's why they get exclusives. 

  • Only months after launch, 'Disney Infinity' ditches support for Apple TV

    sog35 said:

    No I don't. I think they added that feature to the phones because they expect people to then turn around and use that on a traditional PC or Mac. The average person isn't going to be filming long 4K videos and then trying to stream them to their Apple TV. American internet is too crappy for that in most homes.
    What?  Many people have 25-100 Mbs internet at home and could easily stream a 4k video from their phone to an AppleTV on Wifi.

    Face it. Its plain stupid not to include 4k. 

    Also you only need 25 Mbs internet to stream Netflix 4k.  The USA average is 12 Mbs but who says Apple customers are average?  I bet the average Apple customer has at least 25Mbs internet.
    It isn't just about raw speed I'd bet quite a few of them have ISPs that have data caps. Comcast customers do and Time Warner has been experimenting with data caps in various cities to see how customers react. And just because someone can afford great internet, doesn't mean it is available in their area. NYC is in a legal battle with Verizon over its FIOS rollout and that is a major city. Time Warner in NYC is notorious for having horrible internet. You have tunnel vision for that feature. Just because Roku has it, doesn't mean it's worth a damn.
  • Apple refuses to back GOP convention because of Trump politics

    tyler82 said:
    But they support Hillary who has raised millions through the Ckinton foundation from Saudi Arabia, where they stone gays to death?
    Not supporting Trump, doesn't mean supporting Hillary. Those two things are mutually exclusive.
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