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  • House unveils sweeping antitrust legislation that takes aim at tech giants

    I always thought it was interesting that Microsoft would really get into this battle. They thought that they wouldn’t get caught in the same crosshairs? Same goes for Epic and Spotify. Acquiring the Joe Rogan show and making it exclusive can even fall under scrutiny because Spotify is the platform and now they have exclusive content. Most of this stuff isn’t going result in anything because it wants to unravel basic business ideas.
  • Newsletter publishers concerned Apple's Mail Privacy Protection will crater industry

    Super happy about this feature. Practically speaking, emails are generating fewer opens in marketing scenarios anyways. People are overwhelmed and so are their inboxes. This is going affect my work but we are going to have to adapt and that is fine by me. 

    We need these conversations to be happening and even if Apple has business motives behind it, the bi-product is pressure on these industries to adapt. 
  • Arizona Senate declines to vote on App Store payments bill

    Flytrap said:
    "Doesn't mean it's guaranteed that it's over in Arizona, but hot diggity damn. Seeing how the corru... I mean.. lobbying works this close and this brazenly is something else. But Apple can't buy all the legislators in all the states. Refuse to believe that," Heinemeier Hansson said in a separate tweet.
    As much as I am a huge Apple fan... sadly Hansson is correct. But it does not matter because Apple and Google don't have to buy all the legislators in all the states... they just need to buy one or two more legislators than Epic, Spotify, Match, et al can afford to buy.

    We should not kid ourselves here... there are no honourable players... everyone is playing dirty. Everyone is paying lobbyists loads of money behind the scenes to buy educate legislators to their point of view. The Arizona bill is too similar to the North Dakota bill that failed to gain senate approval there too. Both bills were authored by Epic lobbyist Lacee Bjork Anderson, and the money was paid through Coalition for App Fairness.

    By the time this has gone through all the states... a lot of legislators will have been tainted with Apple, Epic, Google, Spotify, and CAF money... and no state will pass any anti-app store monopoly bill because Apple and Google will always find the few wavering legislators who are undecided and will always be able to outbid, outspend, and outlobby Epic, Spotify and CAF to get them to see things their way.
    I would clarify one thing - Epic isn’t alone. They have extremely large shareholder invested in them, one of which is Tencent. That’s not even talking about the $250,000,000 that Sony invested in them. This isn’t David vs Goliath. Tencent and Sony’s vested interest in Epic gets glossed over constantly, but is critical to acknowledge. 
  • Arizona Senate declines to vote on App Store payments bill

    Just like how DHH claimed that Apple Card was discriminatory against women and it was found not to be? DHH, Epic and Spotify are trying to come across as fighting for the little guy, when in fact, they are self serving. Epic runs one of the largest games in the world and is partly owed by the largest game producer in the world (which also owns one of the largest mini-platforms in WeChat), has the largest console maker invested in it. Spotify is the largest music streaming service and rapidly becoming one of the largest podcasting platforms. And don’t get me going on about DHH. Constantly says inflammatory statements, without having actual proof.
  • Arizona bill that could force Apple App Store to allow third-party payments one step close...

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    Odd that games consoles care excluded. What’s the reasoning behind that?
    Maybe becase consoles are not multipurpose devices, or because customers are not forced to use the app store to purchase games.  Also, what @foad posted could be a possibility.  Who knows...
    You are forced to use Sony and Microsoft’s distribution methods for digital purchases though. So if you buy the digital versions of the Xbox or the PS5, you’re required to use their payment methods and you can’t build in an alternate payment flow. The initial versions of these bills were pushing for alternate App Stores and still had the carve out for game consoles. Heck - Epic’s suing to get an alternate App Store. They state it in their filings. The reason they keep calling it a “tax”, is because legislators and users have a very specific reaction to the word. They explicitly ignore what they get out of using the platforms. These companies have the expectation that Apple and Google should develop the APIs that they hook into for free. 

    All this stuff is just a money/power grab. Let’s take Spotify. Where is their supposed harm? They are the biggest streaming service by a long shot - and still growing at a crazy clip. They have been able to buy up all these various companies and now are becoming a dominant player in the podcast market. Tencent/Epic are two of the largest games companies in the world. Epic steals content constantly that gets put into Fortnite and they fight tooth and nail to not pay the original content creators. I can keep going on, but this isn’t about “app fairness”. It’s about future dominance. 
    The thing is that consoles don't force customers to digital purchases.  MS, Sony and Nintendo consoles still have support for physical media.  Maybe that is one of the reasons they were excluded.  From a developer POV, I think there is no difference between the iOS / Android digital store and a console digital store.  

    And I agree with you, this is an issue of money and power, and not necessary app fairness.  
    The only reason they were excluded is that Epic doesn't care about those platforms, so they excluded them from their legislation to avoid having Sony and Microsoft oppose it as well. 
    I think you mean Epic cares too much about the gaming console platforms.  From a 2019 survey of "battle royale" gamers, 71 percent of players mainly played on consoles, compared to just 17 percent on PC and 12 percent on mobile.  Maybe Epic is just testing waters with the small potatoes mobile platforms before going after the gaming consoles (I highly doubt it though).

    Epic isn't going to mess with the game consoles, ever.