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  • Facebook has decided that paid user validation is also the way to go

    I like the Idea of this.
    Will it hold up and be well executed? doubtful.
    Though I am almost vehemently against most subscriptions on principle, creating a protective enclosure to the worst of the spam farms, etc., would be most welcome.
    Do we risk creating 'verified' gated communities of extremism (but short of the defined 'hate' kind) and does that matter?
    Elitism or just a practical protection service?
    Now: if only I considered FaceB and TwitR a good use of time...
  • Snoopy watchOS 10 faces spotted in latest beta

    Hopefully Free and without Ads.
  • Apple warning customers that App Store gift cards can't pay income taxes

    When i read the header, i thought that the 'retail sales tax portion' of an App purchase could no longer be covered by a Gift Card (in those regions where it is separated out) - so you had use credit card, etc., to pay the 5 - 15% tax of an app purchase.
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  • Original iPad vs 2021 & 2022 iPad -- what 13 years of development can do

    Love and still have my first iPad. The home button and proper headphone connector still work well. The size and girth feel like a thin, well-made book -- lighter and thinner are not always better -- though I also do have the big iPad Pro 2021 which is a productivity and creativity monster. Glad they named it iPad instead of iTablet, despite the tongue-and-cheek blowback comparison with women's sanitary products back then.
  • Jony Ive's latest gig is the seal for King Charles's space project

    We shouldn't be too enthusiastic. Conservation, sustainability, responsibility are often terms that lead to complacency, risk-aversion, shunning of development and adventure, maintaining a fake link to some idyllic past that never existed. I haven't seen the values of this organization, but I am skeptical that it will embrace colonization and development of the Moon, asteroids, Mars, etc. More likely 'they' will want to create 'protected reserves' without extraction, reduced or limited tourism or business, and just a hands-off approach (maybe under the guise of checking to see if their is some 'life' to be protected). More Elon Musk alpha-adventurer, Less King Charles bleeding-heart virtue-signaller.