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  • Jony Ive's latest gig is the seal for King Charles's space project

    We shouldn't be too enthusiastic. Conservation, sustainability, responsibility are often terms that lead to complacency, risk-aversion, shunning of development and adventure, maintaining a fake link to some idyllic past that never existed. I haven't seen the values of this organization, but I am skeptical that it will embrace colonization and development of the Moon, asteroids, Mars, etc. More likely 'they' will want to create 'protected reserves' without extraction, reduced or limited tourism or business, and just a hands-off approach (maybe under the guise of checking to see if their is some 'life' to be protected). More Elon Musk alpha-adventurer, Less King Charles bleeding-heart virtue-signaller.
  • Original iPad vs 2021 & 2022 iPad -- what 13 years of development can do

    Love and still have my first iPad. The home button and proper headphone connector still work well. The size and girth feel like a thin, well-made book -- lighter and thinner are not always better -- though I also do have the big iPad Pro 2021 which is a productivity and creativity monster. Glad they named it iPad instead of iTablet, despite the tongue-and-cheek blowback comparison with women's sanitary products back then.
  • Apple employees fear MR headset could be an expensive flop

    Marvin said:
    dutchlord said:
    $3k for ski goggles? No thanks.
    The NYT article is from Tripp Mickle who never misses an opportunity to put a negative spin on anything Apple is doing. He, like many bloggers/sensationalist authors, is not in a committed relationship with facts. Apple hasn't announced pricing or form factor.

    The pundits said the same about the iPad, that it would be too expensive and not functional enough.
    What things it can do that the flopped Google glasses can't do?
    Better hardware design first of all. It will have higher resolution video and it will be able to do fully opaque visuals. Better image stability, UI, interaction, ecosystem, apps.

    There's a video here showing some AR using an iPhone (39:00):

    The examples at 41:53 and 42:23 are impressive. The car rolling out of the display onto the keyboard shows what capabilities it has:

    This will be useful for 3D creators and it will add another dimension to movies and games. I don't expect the entry-level launch price to be higher than $1499, it could easily be $799 and have more memory/power on higher models e.g Reality at $799 (M3 or R3 if they have a special chip), Reality Pro at $1499 (M3/R3 Pro).
    "..Reality Pro..." Best name for an AR/VR system ever. I hope that it's true. The advertising copy for such a model name would be endless...
  • Apple employees face reprisals, possible termination over return to office policy

    So, it's my understanding that the vast majority of offices are less productive, less creative, less collaborative, less spontaneous, less proprietary-knowledge secure, and overall: are stagnating. Our Directors said that public knowledge of declining/ plateauing revenue and increasing remote costs would benefit competitors and demoralize, so most companies will not blatantly call remote work as a failure. Many companies were hoping that employees might work for less due to reduced commute, that they might save money due to re-organizing/reducing office space and leases, and they might realize greater moral from reducing distracting workspaces and inter-office conflicts. Nope. Structure and communal-work presence matter. The stick as well as -or more- than the carrot. Besides, if one's work is so easy that they simply stare at a screen all day without research, delegation, collaboration - basically like a telemarketer, they can be easily outsourced - like say, a telemarketer.
  • Facebook has decided that paid user validation is also the way to go

    I like the Idea of this.
    Will it hold up and be well executed? doubtful.
    Though I am almost vehemently against most subscriptions on principle, creating a protective enclosure to the worst of the spam farms, etc., would be most welcome.
    Do we risk creating 'verified' gated communities of extremism (but short of the defined 'hate' kind) and does that matter?
    Elitism or just a practical protection service?
    Now: if only I considered FaceB and TwitR a good use of time...