Let's be clear on a few thing:  you don't need a repairman to replace a laptop's a 5 minute job. You can buy in the open market (Amazon)  scores of batteries manufactured by numerous suppliers for laptops that are long since declared vintage by Apple. They will NOT have a faux Apple label on them.  They are plainly described as 3rd party batteries. He bought batteries that he was obviously trying to push off on his customers as genuine Apple parts. He's committing a fraud and deserves what he gets.  If he had sold a fake Apple battery to an undercover agent he could get jail time. Apple's repair policies need a thorough review, and the genius bar employees seem more interested in selling you a new piece of equipment than they are in repairing at a fair price. That said, this is a case of intended fraud.  He got caught...many don't.


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  • Apple promotes photography with 'Shot on iPhone' contest, but is ripping off photographers...

    So don’t enter the contest. This is too much about nothing. You are, perhaps unaware that EVERY photo you store on Google is usable by them without your consent and no remuneration. You seem to have failed the one thing necessary for any editorial comment: knowledge about your subject. 
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  • HomePod at launch lacks stereo linking and multiple-room support, features coming 'later t...

    Another half-assed Apple product that they couldn’t get right on launch.  Apple is beginning to look more and more like a company that with the hundreds of thousands of employees they have can’t work on more than one product at a time, get new products out on time, and then throws them at the public at a premium price in an unfinished state.  Time for Tim Cook to go. He had his chance, now turn the company over to someone who understands the marketplace. 
  • Apple rival Xiaomi could enter US smartphone market later in 2018

    They are more a competitor of Android users.  It seems like the only headline that gets any attention is if it affects Apple. As this is an Applecentric site, Appleinsider should know better than to write a headline like this, as it's little more than unnecessary clickbait. If anyone should be afraid it should be Samsung, as that is Xiaomi's target. They will make no dent in Apple's bottom line.
  • Epic Games amplifies antitrust complaint against Apple in the UK

    gc_uk said:
    I wonder how people who defended Apple for not allowing applications being installed from different App Stores feel now the apps for the social media platforms they love are being kicked off the store?
    I feel fine about it. It's about time apps that support lies and insurrection are thrown out. 
  • What Apple would have to do to comply with Donald Trump's American-built mandate

    It wouldn't just be Apple. ALL manufacturing would have to be brought home. You can't single out one company. It would essentially be the end of the USA as all nations would become economic protectionists, buying only those goods they manufacture. Which is why we have a congress that is very business-oriented, and why we will never have to worry about Trump being elected. And a little tip to Tralala...the last thing in the world the Republican party wants is full employment. Unemployment in 8% range is most desirable as it keeps wages down. Your anti-Democrat stance is evidence of your ignorance about world economies.
  • US DOJ, SEC investigating how Apple handled throttling of aging iPhone batteries

    I don't for a minute think that Apple was trying to make obsolete their older iPhones. What I do believe is that Apple still suffers from the same hubris that has plagued the company since it's creation. You don't deliberately create a problem for a customer's phone because you think it's good for them.  You spell out what the update does in highly visible plain English and provide them with the means to disable the modification. Over the years I have spent well over $100,000 on Apple products, starting with the 2GS, and it has infuriated me that Apple, seemingly on a whim, will remove a product feature, only to restore it when the shit hits the fan. This "we know what's best for you" hubris is in the DNA of Apple, put there by Jobs and perpetuated by Cook.  Hopefully this slap in the face, and shareholder wrath, will wake Cook up and Apple will be a better company for it.  They deserve the opprobrium they are currently receiving and you can lay that squarely at Cook's doorstep. A CEO's job is to NOT devalue the company, and he has done just that.
  • Another $1 million scam app surfaces amid App Store legal battles

    Good luck, Tim, when you're sitting in the witness chair during the Epic Games lawsuit explaining how you can justify your walled garden when it is so full of weeds you make money off of. And why, after being notified of bad apps they are still available in your store. Apple needs the app equivalent of Round-Up!
  • LG UltraWide 5K2K is a beast of a monitor with Thunderbolt 3

    Does anyone besides me have a problem reading text on 4K monitors?  I have the text set to the highest Apple makes available but it is still very small: The maximum finder font size of 16pt type on a 4K is about the equivalent of 8pt type. And the toolbar type can't be made larger at all.  No questions that images render beautifully, but being in the graphic design business, readable type is a necessity. If you know of a widget that can modify type on a Mac pro, would love to know. Any Terminal commands?
  • Apple fighting to stem fake Bitcoin apps on App Store

    This is an Apple screw-up and they should be held financially liable. If you're going to have a walled garden and vet all the apps, you damn well better keep the bugs out.