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  • Neil Patrick Harris shows off 'Hey Siri' in Apple's latest iPhone 6s ad

    sog35 said:
    anyone want to guess why Cook choose Harris?

    Same reason he picked Cookie Monster.
  • How the UK's Brexit vote to leave Europe affects Apple

    prokip said:
    I don't often disagree with you DED, but I do this time.  You say "really quite unthinkable and ill considered-leap" by the British people to leave the Eurozone.  This is totally NOT TRUE !! The Brits have had it with the unelected Eurocrats of Brussels for many years.  They have been thinking about this for over 30 years since being cleverly taken into the Common Market in the 70's.  Now finally they have flicked the birdie at the unrepresentative socialist swill in Europe that has tried to control so much of their society for so many years.  And as the 5th largest economy in the world they will have bugger-all trouble making their own way quite successfully, if not better than they have in the past 30 years.

    The British bulldog is back in business!!   Go Britain, go !!

    And a warning to you dear in the USA.  This is another reason why Trump will be elected in November in a landslide.  People ares sick of being treated like fools by the PC arrogance of the political elite.
    It's ill considered in the sense that the campaign was based on a series of lies, and planned out about as well as the Bush II Iraq War. Which is to say, there was no strategy beyond 'lets do this!" resulting in a clusterfuck of backwardly implemented strategy that wasn't even anticipated by those pushing for it. 

    You can suggest that leaving the EU has some ideological merits, but if you had any real knowledge of the issues involved you couldn't be so ignorantly confident that everything is great.

    Essentially, a bunch of ignorant, ill informed old white people were asked to make a decision they didn't understand in the slightest, based on largely false propaganda, and the result is that the working class youth of the UK is now screwed over because many of their options are now erased. Also, those white rural people now have limited buying power and their property is plunging in value. Going forward, none of the things they were promised (free money, an end to immigration, and end to bureaucracy and rule by an elite class of morons) will materialize. They're all just screwed by their own simpleminded conservative credulity.  

    Which is pretty much what middle American Fox watchers hope to do to the United States, if they are given the opportunity. 

    Yeah.  I read that the votes went roughly by age, with old people wanting to make Brittania Great Again, and younger people worried about the future in a world economy.

  • California Assembly considers bill to mandate encryption backdoors

    All you have to do is show how easy it would be to spy on the Senators themselves using smartphones.

    Reminds me when a bipartisan group made sure the Airlines were still running during a government shutdown.

    If it's in their personal interest, they sure get their act together.
  • Apple retail employees invited to evaluate watchOS 3 wheelchair activity tracking

    Once again Tim Cook is putting whiny lazy minorities before maximizing ROI.

    Steve would never let this happen.

    Ayn Rand Akbar!

    Just kidding.  

    The idea of making technology accessible to everyone gets lost when people worry about spec sheets and what bloggers say we need.

    kevin keelolliverlatifbp
  • Apple adds 100 emoji to latest iOS 10 beta, promotes diversity and gender equality

    apple ][ said:
    What a waste of time. Some people's priorities are so screwed up and so deranged, that this is what they choose to waste their time on.

    Also, for the sake of diversity, they need to add various pieces of feces floating around in the water with that swimmer, and a dead body too, because that's what's happening in the Olympics.

    What should they add and remove to pass your test?  And why?

  • Rumor: iOS 11 GM leaked by disgruntled employee [u]

    slurpy said:
    This piece of trash belongs in jail. 
    Come on.  I understand that this phone is one of the ugliest things Apple has done since the Mac LC era.

    But still, it doesn't belong in jail.  

    Hopefully the next iPhone will bring the good looks back.
  • Energy consumption concerns loom over Apple's proposed Irish data center

    apple ][ said:
    One of my dreams is to become so rich that I would be able to take a private jet and fly over to Europe for example, and have dinner, and then fly back home when I'm done eating.

    When I get back home, I will lecture people on how this Planet is doomed, and how everybody needs to do their part in saving the environment. I will claim that all automobiles are evil, and that everybody should only ride bikes in the future. I of course will have my own fleet of limos and super cars, but that's because I need to travel around to eco conferences and lecture the under class on how they should live.

    I will also claim that oil is evil, while at the same time getting funding from middle eastern, oil producing, extremist countries. I might even sell my company to them, for the right price. I'll probably also make a few movies, about some poor polar bears living on a sheet of 2' x 2' ice. If I can't get any real footage to suit my narrative, I'll just CGI the whole damn movie. The idiot public and the intended audience wont really care, so it makes no difference.

    You don't stand for anything but spite.  Drumpf 2016.

    You should roll coal, too.  
  • Chinese bureau finds Apple copying smartphone patents with iPhone 6 design

    Move all manufacturing out of China and into India.

    Let's start flexing our muscles and stop getting pushed around for some BS reasons.

    Chinese IP Properties = Oxymoron 
    Do you mean we should Make America Great Again?(TM)  Stand up to the Chinese?  Make America first?  And other vague sayings that don't really solve any problems?

  • Black Lives Matter activists say FBI fight to break iPhone encryption threatens civil liberties

    But currently.  Black Lives Don't Matter, as evidenced by policing and politics.
    Total bullshit. All stats prove otherwise.
    Ever heard of communism? I won’t even dignify the rest.
    Of course you won't "dignify."

    There is a history.  You can't just scream "Communism" and run away.

    Better to hide your head in the sand whenever inconvenient truths show up.  

  • Black Lives Matter activists say FBI fight to break iPhone encryption threatens civil liberties

    There's a huge history regarding surveillance of black activists.  Every heard of MLK and the FBI?

    Also, you forget the whole GOP strategy regarding minorities - The Southern Strategy:

    And nowadays:

    That's why we now have Trump.
    Because Obama is so fantastic, right? Oh, wait...
    Deflect.  Deflect.  Deflect.

    You get paid every time you guys bring up Obama.  Stay on topic.