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  • Tim Cook talks Apple values, Steve Jobs, more at Salesforce conference

    svanstrom said:
    Cook has lost too much credibility the way that he sucks up to both Trump and China.
    Lost credibility with who? China? Apple customers? General public? I"m not agreeing with the administrations use of tariffs at all, but Cook has to navigate whatever waters we are in, and they're pretty choppy right now

  • Crime blotter: blowtorches used to steal iPhones, and a carjacker fought off with an iPad

    hentaiboy said:
    16 year-old girl tried to strangle a car jacker? Man that's ballsy...
    Uhhhhh,, don't know if you're from the Women are Frail and Need to Be Protected School of Thought, or maybe you don't know any 18 year old athletic  women, but she was sitting behind him, putting him in the headlock.  Her younger (11) bro smacked him over the head with his multi-duty iPad. Feisty fam.
    Some women, these days, actually box, play competitive sprorts against men, excel in martial arts, kickbox competitively,  My gym is easily 50% women, a smaller percentage lift, smaller percent box. And, yeah, they are feminine, some most sexy, if that makes a difference, and sexy is subjective.. My grandpa would never believe any of this if he were still here. 
  • Apple Card arrives in US this August

    Because it is broken. Many identity theft problems come from the fact that you share your credit card information with the merchant. A server hack (like happened at Home Depot a few years back, but there has been many since) or a dishonest store clerk can cause your info to be stolen and used for nefarious purposes -- or at best, your CC# can be used to track you and your shopping habits.
    By using ApplePay you isolate yourself with an extra layer of security, because the merchant does not get your CC#.
    Of course you can also use the Apple Card as a regular card. Compared to existing cards, it has some remarkable and unusual benefits (no fees whatsoever: no annual fee, no late fees, no international transaction fees, etc... and generous cash back).
    Yes, there are other great cards, and if you already have a Chase Sapphire Reserve you don't need an Apple Card. but it's a nice addition, considering the 2% cash back on every Apple Pay purchase and 1% on everything else.
    Agree. I frequent Home Depot and got dinged one night using Chase, but they send immediate notice of charges. I was still in the parking lot when "somebody" bought an $85 something, playing detective I walked back  in immediately, sorting through fifteen register lines...really had no idea of what I was doing, got woke for one minute and called Chase, blocked the account. Last week got a $100 charge two days in a row from the Valley, credit union at USC fixed and gave a new card, nothing but great service from them since I graduated.  so much for my drama, I welcome' Apple's protection and security efforts so I'm in for the new card.
  • New Stockholm city council vows to block unpopular Apple store plans

    svanstrom said:
    welshdog said:
    svanstrom said:
    The issue is presented in a simplified form here.

    First of all it wouldn’t be one building replacing another building; there would be changes to the surrounding open park area.

    Secondly, replacing a food business with a business selling tech hardware could easily be argued to further limit the availability of space for people to just relax and enjoy the open park area.

    The truth is that I favor the plan, but tbh it’s only because it’s Apple… It’s all due to me liking the brand and style; and I’m not sure if that should be enough to like these plans. 
    Thanks for adding some details. I am typiclly impressed with how most european communities get involved with things like this and try to exert influence over changes to their cities and towns. Americans, to generalize, don't care much about this sort of thing. That is why so much of our architectural history has been demolished and replaced with semi-disposable buildings.  It's also why our cities are so poorly designed and hard to get around in.  I live in Austin where people do try to get involved with this sort of thing, but the big money (plus bought & paid for state government) frequently override the wishes of the citizens on these matters. Austin is rapidly being transformed into city that is a lot less desirable than it just recently was.  i know all cities face these issues, but it is nice to see Stockholm locals stand up and say they aren't happy with the plan - and actually be listened to.
    When it comes to wanting preserve areas I feel that it's in part about perspective…

    You guys usually think that your declaration of independence happened a long time ago; but 5 five minutes by bike from where I live there's a building that was 150 years old already at that time. 5 minutes in the opposite direction and there's a mound created around the year 1000; and 15 minutes by bike in yet another direction there are burial mounds from the 5th and 6th centuries.

    The student nation that I belonged to when at Uppsala University is something like 380 years old; and the university itself was founded in 1477. (Still not the oldest school in town though, the gymnasium/high school I attended dates back to 1246.)

    It's not like everything is saved and "everywhere", but there's enough of it for it to be sort of a normal part of growing up here. You get more aware about history; and more aware about how parts of that needs to be saved instead of "developed" and commercialised.
    somehow I'm missing the historical relevance of TGIF, a noisy, very heavy traffic location, always more than a few inebriated "guests" roaming the streets. How far is the aesthetically pleasing TGIF from the 1000 year old mound or the burial mounds from 5th century. <sarcasm intended> but response appreciated. 
  • Apple insists App Store 'not a monopoly,' expects to win in court

    apple ][ said:
    The vote was split but not along party lines, with even Republican Justice Brett Kavanaugh acknowledging the case should go forward.
    Kavanaugh was the only one and he was joined by 4 liberals.

    The court's four liberal justices joined Kavanaugh in the 5-4 decision.
    I’m not understanding your post. What AI wrote is the same thing you wrote. 5-4 vote, not on party lines as Kavanaugh acknowledged the case should go forward. 
  • Apple's Tile-like tracking device named 'AirTag' in iOS 13.2

    "...  Now I just have to figure out what I'd actually want to stick them on.  I always hang my car keys up and carry my phone with me.  My remotes don't sneak off.  Oh, maybe my car?..."

    I've used Tile since it came out and it's been a lifesaver. Dropped my keys at a farmers market and only realized it when I got to my car. Went on my iPhone and tracked tile as it showed my route, which I retraced a half-block to store where owner was standing in door with my keys.  The beeps helped locate keys buried under papers, clothes and normal kid things. No battery, about two year + life.
    They have a new button sized stick-on ersion, good for me for sunglasses at the beach, which I lose consistently. 

  • Family again asks Apple TV+ movie 'The Banker' not see release

    “Apple executives feel that the movie tells a story of empowerment and bravery and should be released.“

    Apple should concentrate on quality entertainment.  Not crap like this.          
    Then if you ran the studio, Disney would  not exist, nor would Warner Bros,, MGM, Columbia Pictures, hundreds of thousands of docs.  Maybe don't confuse your opinion (quality) with the world's.
  • Apple's security measures in iOS detailed at Black Hat conference

    holyone said:
    That picture though
    Are you concerned about what a security guy wears? Does that affect his skills? His contribution to my iDevices security? what a male wears really important to if it does, just don't see how it's relevant on a site (to best of my knowledge) not aimed at fashionistas.