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  • Better together: Why Apple Watch owners should buy AirPods

    Helpful article but you’re glossing over the real problem using ANY Bluetooth connection while swimming: namely that the range falls off to ZERO as soon as the Apple Watch dips below the water’s surface!! I’ve tried a number of truly waterproof specialty earbuds and finally gave up and bought a hard-wired MP3 player.
  • Review: Anova Nano sous vide stick is a great iPhone-connected cooking gadget

    This review is generally accurate about the Anova but the descriptions of sous vide cooking are off the mark. The precise temperature control doesn’t merely prevent overcooking. It also allows tougher cuts to cook a very long time to tenderize. After removing the meat or fish from the sous vide bath, the chef doesn’t “char” anything (heaven forbid!) Rather the meat is SEARED in order to add the tasty caramelization familiar to steak lovers! There are lots of good blogs and cookbooks to help newbies get the most out of sous vide cooking. 
  • Apple reportedly investigating new corporate lease in Pittsburgh

    For over 100 years the Pittsburgh Athletic Association building was an exclusive private club for the city's famous industrialists, politicians and academic leaders. In more recent times it was known as the place where Mister Rogers took his daily lunchtime swim. Present plans call for downsizing the meeting and athletic facilities, but they will be maintained, including the pool!

    Wikipedia offers a nice summary of the P.A.A. and its building here: Partner Walnut Capital owns and manages large amounts of commercial and residential real estate in Pittsburgh's East End, especially the most desirable sections of Oakland and Shadyside. 

    Two minor corrections: Pittsburgh, of course, is a city, not a state, And you mean :"rife with" not "ripe with."

  • Crime blotter: A Walmart iPhone theft ring, New Hampshire delivery scammers sentenced

    Could you guys please do a story that explains what happens after these devices are stolen? Because each Apple device has a unique serial and IMEI number, doesn’t both Apple and the carrier know immediately when a stolen unit is trying to connect to their servers? The end user of a hot iPad or iPhone might have the skills to limit online visibility, but would‘t that make the stolen device a constant nuisance to use?
  • Apple still owns rights to Sweden Kungstradgarden plot, could revive store plans

    Why in the world did this routine article require an ALERT to pop up on my Mac screen? Can we please restrict alerts to major stories and breaking news?
  • Editorial: If Apple wants to get serious with Apple TV+, shedding the 'clean' image would ...

    Sorry to say that this article is a mashup of speculation and baseless rumor written by someone who displays little understanding of the traditional TV business and the emerging streaming alternatives. For starters, to borrow William Goldman's famous axom for the movie business, "nobody knows anything" about which business models will survive and thrive. Netflix and Amazon can boast about data but they have yet to prove that their algorithms are any more reliable than traditional audience research. So far, "cord cutting" only saves consumers money if they're willing to sacrifice the choice and convenience offered by most cable systems. Does Apple+ see itself as a full-service content business? If so it will be paying pretty much the same rates for popular network content as their many streaming competitors. Or is Apple+ original content just a loss leader to attract subscribers. 

    As to "family friendly" content, Apple has announced no such policy but in this crowded and uncertain new video market, that could prove to be a very smart choice. First, partnering with the Oprahs and Ron Howards of the world offers Apple some protection from the sheer craziness of the entertainment business.How much patience do you imagine Tim Cook has for a "#metoo" scandal or similar bad behavior?  Plus.,it's simply foolish to suggest this would repel Hollywood's top creative talent. Producers and directors are highly skilled at pitching specific projects to funders most likely to support them. Finally, a reality check re. popularity: Game of Thrones may be a big hit by HBO standards, for whom the merchandising was a surprise benefit. But GoT doesn't come anywhere near the worldwide profitability of NCIS for CBS or Law & Order for NBC/Universal. 
  • Apple Watch Series 6 may add anxiety monitoring and sleep tracking

    My Apple Watch unfailingly asks "Have you fallen? Are you allright?" every time I applaud at a concert or theatre. So I'm more than skeptical that the watch sensors can monitor "anxiety" in a meaningful way. I imagine any such notification would mainly seem inappropriate and therefore irritating. I also agree that redefining "anxiety" to match the capabilities of the watch is a public relations disaster in the making. I think Apple is smarter than that and that this feature is a baseless rumor.