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  • Apple Watch Series 6 may add anxiety monitoring and sleep tracking

    My Apple Watch unfailingly asks "Have you fallen? Are you allright?" every time I applaud at a concert or theatre. So I'm more than skeptical that the watch sensors can monitor "anxiety" in a meaningful way. I imagine any such notification would mainly seem inappropriate and therefore irritating. I also agree that redefining "anxiety" to match the capabilities of the watch is a public relations disaster in the making. I think Apple is smarter than that and that this feature is a baseless rumor.
  • Apple reportedly investigating new corporate lease in Pittsburgh

    For over 100 years the Pittsburgh Athletic Association building was an exclusive private club for the city's famous industrialists, politicians and academic leaders. In more recent times it was known as the place where Mister Rogers took his daily lunchtime swim. Present plans call for downsizing the meeting and athletic facilities, but they will be maintained, including the pool!

    Wikipedia offers a nice summary of the P.A.A. and its building here: Partner Walnut Capital owns and manages large amounts of commercial and residential real estate in Pittsburgh's East End, especially the most desirable sections of Oakland and Shadyside. 

    Two minor corrections: Pittsburgh, of course, is a city, not a state, And you mean :"rife with" not "ripe with."

  • How can Apple already renew Apple TV+ shows, before they've aired?

    Kudos to Mr. Gallagher for gamely taking on this complex topic, and with some success. I fear, however, that his summary is unduly complicated. Among his numerous valid observations, here are the critical points:

    - Apple is new to the entertainment business and while they've hired excellent people, the creative community and their army of agents are understandably skeptical that Apple+ will succeed and/or establish a brand that will benefit their own brands. Speaking of which, what exactly IS the Apple+ brand?  It's not a network. It has no linear program option where on air "image" promos can define its look, feel and style. So far it appears to be a premium addition to iTunes that offers additional channels through a clunky interface. 

    - Gallagher is correct that Apple agreed up front to multiple seasons of key shows with plans to announce their "renewal" as if that decision was a based on early quality or ratings. This will only be revealed if and when Apple publishes actual numbers of viewers --- something Netflix still refuses to do.  While a genuine "hit" is always preferable, Apple's ability to self-finance from its dormant cash pile allows the luxury of treating Apple+ as a customer benefit for purchasing Apple devices. We shall see.

    - What REALLY remains to be seen is whether and how Apple will tolerate and respond to the inherent insanity of show business where, as screenwriter William Goldman put it, "Nobody Knows Anything" about what actually makes a hit. Audience research and algorithms can mitigate risk to a small extent, but predicting success is simply not possible. Moreover, Apple has yet to experience a protracted public battle with an actor, director or other "creative" who goes crazy and begins to attack Apple in public. Whether the "issue" is "creative differences" or a celebrity meltdown, this is wholly different from conflicts in the tech world where even key employees are demonstrably replaceable. Engineers don't maintain direct social media contact with millions of fans.

    I think Tim Cook and company should be careful not to over-promise and admit that Apple+ is a work in progress --- no longer a hobby but a shared learning experience where viewer comments play a vital role. 
  • Review: Anova Nano sous vide stick is a great iPhone-connected cooking gadget

    This review is generally accurate about the Anova but the descriptions of sous vide cooking are off the mark. The precise temperature control doesn’t merely prevent overcooking. It also allows tougher cuts to cook a very long time to tenderize. After removing the meat or fish from the sous vide bath, the chef doesn’t “char” anything (heaven forbid!) Rather the meat is SEARED in order to add the tasty caramelization familiar to steak lovers! There are lots of good blogs and cookbooks to help newbies get the most out of sous vide cooking. 
  • What to do first with your new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Thanks for this very useful and, of course, timely overview!