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  • Two of four Thunderbolt 3 ports in new 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar have reduced speeds

    1983 said:
    Why? Here we go again Apple crippling the 13" Pro's spec in comparison to the ridiculously more expensive 15" version. Even though they're both very expensive laptops to begin with. They give you something good with one hand, slap you in the face with the other. The 15" already has a lot of power user advantages over the 13", they could of at least given the 13" 4 'proper' TB3 ports.
    Yes, because of course, we all know that 'everyone' who buys the 13" will fully saturate all four ports simultaneously playing Tetris on their twin 5k monitors and saving their Facebook output to raid 3 arrays.
    Bad Apple
  • Samsung Galaxy fire blamed in evacuation of Southwest flight

    It's at this point that iPhone users should stop and think. Were it not for Apples conservative battery recharging policy which has been roundly criticized as so last century, the fact that lithium batteries have an unenviable reputation re overheating and that Apple sells more than everyone else, statistically it could have more likely been an iPhone on that plane that incinerated itself. 
    I really don't want insanely fast charging at this price. 
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  • US Department of Justice files motion to force Apple to crack terrorist's iPhone

    A motion to compel?...before Apple has filed a response?
    heh heh... Just in case Apple tries to drag its feet?
    i hope Apple digs its heels in. 
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  • Samsung's Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature defeated with digital photo

    thekonger said:
    Lol, they deleted my post. Can't have any Apple fans unhappy. And I am real idrey, and your 'dead' statement is idiotic. Like, really, really, really idiotic. What do you do for a living? Just curious.

    I just laugh because you guys cheer so much for Apple. But you're really asking if Samsung innovates? ALL TECH COMPANIES INNOVATE PEOPLE. Yes, even Apple. The S8 is almost all screen, it has hardly any bezel. That's not innovation?

    Why are you guys so blindly devoted to Apple? I was once - when pizza box Macs were hot and I owned a spanking brand new 8100 with Mac OS 6 (I think it was OS 6) maybe 20 years ago?? Back then I did hardware and software support for macs. And guess what, Macs are no better than any other system. Linux, Windows, Mac, they're all just as good. It's what you do with it that counts.

    But I apologize of I offended any of you guys. But really, trying to talk smack about the new S8? It's an awesome phone. If you don't want one cool, but don't try to talk crap about it (Less the Konger show up and smack you down ;)). jk, please don''t delete my post. Apple fans are big boys and girls and can handle the truth.
    Wow...just wow. So many fails in one post. 
    #1 So you think walking up to a total stranger(s), metaphorically jabbing them in the eye, then demur with a "you guys take yourselves too seriously" by way of an apology, is funny?
    #2 Try justifying #1 with an additional insult to truth and Apple history. 
    #3 Think that being a service grunt for Macs two decades ago entitles you to be a loudmouth blowhard. 
    #4 and always my favourite...accuse AppleInsiders of blind devotion, even as you show up here to shill for the S8...aka...major Irony Fail.
    Fuck off.
  • Tim Cook explains why Apple was present at Trump tech summit

    And Steve Jobs attended Obamas meeting with all the tech companies. No explanation necessary. 
    Steve Jobs was a life long Democrat who gladly helped the Obama election campaign. He was also a long time friend of the Clintons. I lost a lot of respect for Tim Cook this week; but probably more now with his deplorable writing skills.
    I'll let TC do the rebuttal. 
    "I've never found being on the sideline a successful place to be. The way that you influence these issues is to be in the arena. So whether it's in this country, or the European Union, or in China or South America, we engage. And we engage when we agree and we engage when we disagree. I think it's very important to do that because you don't change things by just yelling. You change things by showing everyone why your way is the best. In many ways, it's a debate of ideas."
    Deplorable to think otherwise. 
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  • Samsung extends $100 in extra credit to US owners of fire-prone Galaxy Note 7

    So, since we already know Samsung spends around $15B yearly on marketing, plus another $5B+ Note 7 write-off already admitted by the company, added to this 'carrot' and other collateral what point does producing high end phones become unprofitable?
  • Apple Park drone footage may be ending, with security forces seeking to cease flights

    Soli said:
    Maybe it's sour grapes on my part, but the drone videos become less and less impressive every month. That isn't to say that I still don't enjoy seeing the progress or that the drone operators are doing a less impressive job—quite the contrary,, the regulars have vastly improved in their flying, panning, footage, and editing over the years and I applaud them for their time and money put into the equipment and videos—but there is considerably less to see with each month now that the structures all but complete. Most, if not all, of the trees have been planted and most major construction vehicles are gone. Now it's mostly just planting shrubbery and getting most of the minor details in place in the exterior.

    I recently went back to watch some of the razing of HP's facility in 2014 and start of the main structure in 2015, which required digging down several stories for the underground parking garage (and offices?). That undertaking blew me away. I looked for the giant sheets of glass being put in place but couldn't find a specific video of that installation. Hopefully Apple will have something for us.
    Um...I visited Foster+Partners London Riverside office last summer and was told that every aspect of the construction was being documented by multiple film crews because there is so much original construction work going on. 
    Its invaluable PR and strokes egos to boot.
  • Fitbit's Apple Watch competitor will offer third-party apps & 'app gallery' at launch - CE...

    woolie said:
    I have had 2 Apple watches & they were junk, for exercising & its subsequent reporting, the battery, were both seriously awful... wifi connectivity a total joke, heart reporting another awful feature...  In frustration I finally went to Fitbit, which provided all of the previous Apple issues better & seamlessly...  Frankly Apple should fire their Apple watch designers & buy out Fitbit & employ them...

    You know Apple is in trouble when they continually hide their Watch sales...  Finding someone wearing a Apple watch is extremely rare event & Fitbit's are everywhere...  I am excited about the new Fitbit watch that is coming, there is no hope that Apple is going to match Fitbit...

    I own numerous Apple products, but its current management does not contain any visionary people and all of their products are falling behind and continually playing catch up to their competitors & it is painful to witness...   I know the Apple fanboys will go nuts but I am sorry, I am not drinking Apple's Koolaide... your posting history. You are either the unlucky_with_Apple_products exception that proves the rule or one miserable sob. 
  • Video: Apple's 2018 iPad vs. 2017 iPad benchmark comparison

    mwhite said:
    Apple blew it again. It’s too expensive. Over $550 for the cellular model with a decent amount of ram is too expensive. You can buy any number of very good windows laptops for that or less. Would it be a tablet? No. So what. It would be a laptop and much more capable though bigger without the ackward way you have to hold it. Set the screen on a laptop and it’s good to go. Set an iPad down and well it falls flat on its face breaking the glass or falls backwards. 

    Apple is in serious doo doo. I’m not sure why they’re worth what they are. They haven’t had a must have product in years and have been playing catch up for a good decade. New home speaker? Not as good as anyone else’s. New iPhone? Good, but it’s a thousand dollars and not really better than any other. The other iphones look the same. iPads to expensive. iMacs? AWOL. MacBooks? Too expensive. On and on.

    Sooner or later people are going to wake up and say you know what this premium isn’t worth it. I don’t need the apple logo. I can buy a darn good phone for 1/2 the price. A tablet for 1/2 the price. A laptop for 1/3 the price. Personally I have been waiting and waiting for that next got to have it product and it hasn’t come yet. The Apple Watch was close, but honestly it’s useless. It’s just a gimmick. You don’t need it. Apple better start wowing us and innovating soon. 

    And when the Chinese finally get serious watch out everyone.
    Troll go away......
    Ahem!...April Fool?
  • iPhone X with 3D camera appears to support 'animoji' capturing facial expressions in iOS 1...

    welshdog said:
    Seems like the emoji part of this could be used for several things.  I guess it could read expressions to select an emoji from the list?  Maybe it would let you create a 3D animated emoji clip you could then send to people?  None of this seems super exciting - am I missing something?

    The pure facial recognition part of this is interesting, but again - what is it for?  Surely it has a use other than composing an emoji clip.
    I'm hoping that facial 3D will allow a specific expression to be used for Face Unlock. With all these expressions being recognizable in software, it would be daft to not do so. And much more secure.