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  • Two of four Thunderbolt 3 ports in new 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar have reduced speeds

    You aren't going to be able to fully power all 4 ports with the dual core processor in the 13" MBP. Sorry folks. They are simply not powerful enough. They won't be for awhile because of heat, battery life and other concerns that would take more precedent over a slightly less powerful USBC port on the right hand side of a machine. I guess they probably could've just had 1 port on the right side instead but people would've complained then too is my guess.  
  • Kuo: Demand for new MacBook Pro models tepid due to high prices, disappointing specs

    hmlongco said:
    rogifan_new said:

    Exactly. No one has yet presented a real world example where these new laptops couldn't meet their needs. They're just going off of specs and internet freakout. 
    Here you go....

    I’m a developer. That means I need to run Xcode, Mail, Messages, Calendar and Slack and Terminal windows and Remote Desktop. I run SourceTree and Photoshop and Word and Excel. I have a dozen Mission Control spaces in which I keep open many, many, many Safari windows and tabs.

    Not to mention my occasional need to run custom Linux and Windows Server test environments in VMWare. VMs take memory. Lots of memory.

    So what’s my problem? Lack of RAM. I’m forever running out of space on my 16GB machine. I reboot at least once every 3–4 days or face crashing and an unstable machine.
    I'm a developer also and there is no reason to have that much stuff going at once. It just seems like you're unorganized tbqh. 
  • KGI says 'iPhone 7' won't have 'many attractive selling points,' predicts competitors to outperform

    People get angry but when the news is good they act like it's gospel. 
  • Apple Music loses important exclusive as Taylor Swift comes to Spotify, other services

    I think people make more of these holdouts to streaming than they should. 
  • Angela Ahrendts, the 'non-techie' who runs Apple Retail, joined Apple on October 14, 2013

    welshdog said:
    What an overly generous puff piece.

    Angela has added some plants, pulled the "Store" off the stores' names, removed lanyards, killed the genius bar and added logistical chaos and worse training to the stores. That's the sum total, other than collecting gobs of ill earned money, of her years of tenure at apple.

    She took what was for many the best retail experience ever, where an apple store was something you enjoyed visiting, and turned it the DMV.  Now instead of heading for the genius bar for your appointment, you start with game of human pinball.  

    Find an apple employee, with no lanyard as a visual cue, that's holding an iPad to get to your appointment. When you find the first one, you ask for your appointment, and they inform you, theyre not the person for that and send you to another one.  You go to that employee that you think they pointed to, but they're not it either.  Finally you get to the person with the appointment clip board, and they play, let's pick a table.  They send you to some random table and log your name/position.  Now, the genius plays Apple Store Maps.  The "genius" now goes around the table asking for you (mispronouncing your name at times), and sometimes goes to the wrong table because the position was logged wrong. Or a person misunderstood what table they are to meet at. All this wastes both your and the apple employees time in pinball'ing around when everyone could just have instead, clearly and easily, met at the genius bar. Then, when the apple employee finally ends their game of hunt-and-go-seek, you are rewarded by talking to a 'genius' that no longer talks to you like you understand something and 'jumps to the chase' but instead, they walk you through a script process, because now the vast number of geniuses have become equivalent script kiddies. No brain, all script. Oh, and you do this all through intolerable crowds of other now grumpy store goers.

    In contrast, Steve Job's created genius bar was not only a signature feature that she destroyed, but something that calmed not caused store logistical chaos. You just head to the back for your appointment, simple. No DMV zombie human pinball hordes bouncing off each other from 'Angela's DMV Apple Emporium' 'improvements'. Also, it kept all the grumpy people with problems away from the people shopping, preventing the spread of DMV'itus throughout the store.

    In other words, the apple store, the highest earning per square foot retail store in the world that Angela inherted, has been turned into the apple DMV, by angela, that I (and many others want to avoid at all costs.

    My fear is apple managment (and now with the help of appleinsider) are positioning angela as the next CEO apparent, which will be a disaster of the likes to make us long for the days of Skully.
    Five posts and a link to the daily caller. Nuff sed.
    Basically. Auto Ignore. This poster exists to stir things up. 

    TBQH, Angela has been great for Apple. 
  • Phil Schiller: New MacBook Pro has more orders from Apple than any other pro model ever

    macgui said:
    igorsky said:
    You just blew the minds of every serial Apple complainer on the internet.  Although this will surely not satisfy that user who feels that his/her personal use case should be everyone's personal use case.
    Yes! Emphasis added.

    I just don't see 'pent up demand' as being a sufficient motivator for record orders of a book that on its face obviously now lacks 'Pro' features that people supposedly need. 'This MBP dropped features I use and need but I'll spend >$1000 anyway' just doesn't play.

    And I'd expect a slowdown in the purchase of most any major computing product from any manufacture after six months.

    My guess is that more users will be happy with this MBP than not, and that buyers' remorse will not be anywhere nearly as widespread as some people expect/hope. 

    Apple should have kept one previous model 15", kept its feature set and added Ethernet, souped it up, 32G RAM and battery life be damned, and sold it as the Mac Book PRO, and renamed all the others MacBooks. 

    I don't need a such a Mac, but there are still those who do. Make the Pro label really means something. Doing that would open up Apple to all the 'Apple admits...' click-bait articles. Apple could weather that teapot tempest.
    Simply not possible given the use of the Skylake chipsets. People have created hackintels that use 32GB of ram but the reality is that ram is not HUGE factor in terms of performance. It's just spec geeks whining about hardware they know very little about. 
  • Amazon Channels may beat Apple to offering cable-like experience

    Poor Apple. I'm not going back to cable. Sorry. I'll just use hulu and netflix. I don't even watch TV like that. i have the shows I like and thats it. 
  • Apple to debut new Macs at Oct. 27 event, report says

    I liked MagSafe but USB-C can transfer data and charge and power a display all at the same time. 
  • Mysterious overnight activity at Apple stores presages Thursday's Mac event

    sog35 said:
    How many of you have 0% hype for today's event?

    I've been disappointed so many times the last 3 years at Apple events. So many disappointments the last few events:

    1. releasing the iPhone 6ss
    2. Apple Watch crappy interface, nothing really innovative
    3. AppleTV. Nothing new. Just a roku
    4. No home hub
    5. No touch screen Mac's
    6. No Apple brand TV display

    Its going to be the same old crap.
    Tim Cook, Eddy Cue, and some other random Apple executive spouting about how 'amazing' something is.

    Apple is getting stale, boring, no excitement.

    Don't get me wrong. They still make the best quality product and very reliable. Just like a Toyota.

    But Apple use to be Ferrari. They use to be sexy, cutting edge, and make your blood boil. Now its the same crap with a tiny bit of improvement.

    IMO, its a reflection of how lazy and self satisified the executives have become.
    Cook, Cue, Shiller, and Ive are all established. All are worth more than $100 million and are fat and happy. They are not willing or motivated to take risks because they got it made.

    Apple needs a serious shake up. The old guard is just..........old. We need new blood that is excited, innovated, and willing to fail miserably. We need younger execs who are hungry, have vision, and want to make a mark in the world.

    I can't be alone in this. Can I? 

    You want proof of how far Apple has fallen?

    Do you think 5 years ago Microsoft or Google would even dare release a product to compete with Apple's premier products? Hell no.

    But Google bringing out the Pixel at the same price as the iPhone is a sign. Google sees how weak Apple is now. In the past Google always had to compete on price. Same with Microsoft and the Surface book and Surface Studio. That's how weak and feable Apple looks to its competition now. 5 years ago that was UNTHINKABLE.
    You are not alone.