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  • Apple services will be size of Fortune 100 company by 2017, Cook says

    red oak said:
    #100 on the Fortune list generates $28B revenue/yr.  So, Cook projecting at least $7B per quarter in 2017.  

    That would be a (minimum) 18% increase from the current level 

    Very well done Tim.
    Those "not so smart analysts" are oh so stuck on your iPhone volume.
    They would fail miserably if they were running your Apple!
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  • Apple debuts affordable 13" MacBook Pro model, axes 11" MacBook Air

    Sure glad I got my lovely 11" MacB Air several months ago.
    Seems like it will have a very long life!
  • Apple's iPad Pro outsold Microsoft's entire Surface lineup over the holidays

    msantti said:
    I thought tablets were dead?
    That has been the inside investor news.
    "iPhone and iPad dying", so Apple is dying!
    Just kidding at how the bad news people can be so negative on Apple,
      when many of them probably don't even know how an iPad is used.

    Being more serious this really surprises me, because I read so much very positive on the Surface, yet very little on the iPad Pro.
  • Notes of interest from Apple's Q3 2016 conference call

    evilution said:
    Update the Macs and people will buy them. Anyone who wanted the current models probably will have bought one already.
    I'm looking at a Mac Pro for my new business but I can't bring myself to spend that much on a 3 year old design that could be updated at any time.
    I just bought a MacBook Air.  It seemed expensive compared to the cheap Windows laptops out there.
    But the MacBook Air is great portable computer, running great software.

    It's time I replaced my MSI netbook WinXP fiddle and became modern.
  • Apple's Q3 beats expectations with $42.4B in revenue, 40.4M iPhone sales

    Nobody seems to talk about 19 percent growth in services. Before too long, Apple service will top Googles ads.
    Businesses can and do change.
    IBM was once like Apple, produced great mainframe computer hardware and great software to run on it.

     Then starting in the 1970s IBM increasingly got into creating for a fee software.
    Eventually IBM became 50% a software company.
    A few years ago IBM finished selling off their PC business; 
      then started using Apple's MacBook computer hardware to develop and sell software.   ;)

    So now Apple is getting into services, using their great computer hardware and software.
  • Apple's China revenue dives 33% amid iPhone sales slowdown

    Once Trump wins I suspect it will be open season on China. He wants them out of the WTO (so do I, for their many trade violations) and he has committed to changing US tax policy to favor US businesses and to staunch the flow of businesses and money to countries that have lower rates. It could cause a new panic and result in China kicking out US businesses (worst case scenario). There's really no easy answer to any of this, but the US seriously reforming the tax code (and ideally shutting down the IRS in favor of building in an automatic collection mechanism, a la the Fair Tax) would be a good start.
    Once Trump does those anti other country actions, China and many other countries will tell the USA to go to H--L !    :p
  • Apple shakes up electric vehicle team, places Bob Mansfield in charge of 'Project Titan' - report

    So basically everyone just needs to cede the electronic vehicle market to Tesla because nobody can have a better/different idea than Musks grand plan? Or implement something at scale that he can't? It's amazing how people squawk about the need for competition except when it comes to EV, there Musk is untouchable.
    The Tesla is a financial failure.  Doesn't appear to have a chance of be making money in the future either.
    It's living on a rich man's toy bubble.
  • Hyundai adds Apple CarPlay support to six models, report says

    wood1208 said:
    Seriously, where is Toyota on Car-play ? No offense but now, do i have to buy one of the Hyundai car to get Carplay ?
    We are looking for a new car, but we definitely aren't interested in playing with iOS while we are driving.
    Actually I believe several iOS functions described in Carplay are illegal to use in our CDN Province.

    So when we get a new car I hope we can turn off Carplay or Otherplay and show something else which is legal on the display.
  • Apple's China revenue dives 33% amid iPhone sales slowdown

    cali said:
    "Once trump wins"


    He may also call a boycott on Apple while tweeting on his iPhone.
    Of course, Trump is obviously one of those: "don't do as I do, but do as I say"  dummy  people.
  • Apple testing AR-based car navigation and self-driving software with virtual reality rigs - report

    ireland said:
    My hunch is Apple Car project hasn't stopped and won't. They're working on a car. Vertical company.
    I sure hope Apple isn't working on a complete car.
    The computer technology for self driving is where Apple should be.