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  • Hands on with Apple's 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro with i7 processor

    bb-15 said:
    mrc said:
    I guess my post was deleted :neutral: 

    Let me just repeat: as a Mac app developer of 30 years this is the first keyboard that has given me problems. I type all day every day. It ruins my productivity when a key gets sticky or repeats. Most of these failures don’t get reported to Apple, only the complete failures where the keyboard is replaced, and I know many others with similar experiences, so it’s not just me. 

    I expected better from Apple and their premium price tag, but it’s increasingly apparent that Apple don’t really care any more. Only their stock value matters. I used to love Apple. Not any more. 
    My suggestion; go to an Apple Store (if convenient) or ship your MacBook to Apple to get the keyboard replaced.
    Here are the instructions.

    But let”s test your claim that Apple & its “premium price tag” meant no design flaws / breakdowns of Apple products until the butterfly keyboard.
    * Basic knowledge of Apple makes one realize that since the Apple I in the 70s & through the 80s/90s Apple has released products with flaws or which can breakdown.
    (See the Apple III, the Macintosh 128K and the Mac G4 Cube for examples.)
    * Does that mean that Apple never cared?
    - One of Apple’s advantages is superior tech support compared with the competition.
    Using Apple support I’ve replaced iMac screens, a MacBook motherboard, a MacBook swollen battery, iPhone batteries, an iPad screen.
    - Any product can breakdown. Use Apple support. 
    My claim was regarding the keyboard only. I made no mention of any other component or product. 

    Of course, anything can break down, but when Apple consistently denies there is a problem with such a basic component to the point of actually lying, I have to wonder where their priorities lie.

    In addition, the repair program does not fix the problem, but simply replace with the same poor design. It’s not a solution.