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  • Apple's Australian customers get 7 days of AppleCare+ for free

    It’s due to recent changes to Australian consumer law around the sale of additional warranties. Basically can’t be done until four days after the purchase. Apple basically confirms this is the rationale in their email to customers after making a purchase of an applicable device eg iPad mini. 

  • Foxconn India workers beset by worms in food, no running water

    1. We live in a time where companies are only as good as their weakest link in the production process including external contractors/suppliers, especially when said company is a behemoth with clear power/influence to actually drive change. Apple really does have a key role to play in this given how their actions or inactions will shape not just their own 'partners' but also set the tone for the rest of the industry/sector.

    2. That being said, I do balance my thought process on this particular topic with respect to India which has implemented some pretty strong 'protectionist' measures and suspect Apple/Foxconn are only doing what they need to do to meet these measures. I do wonder how big of a market India is for Apple though.

    3. I appreciated the Shawshank reference above... watched it again a couple of weeks ago.

  • Apple quietly buying app ads that funnel users to the App Store, developers claim [u]

    Realised my comment didn't post before but I used a similar supermarket and advertising Coca Cola analogy, or even a telco advertising an iPhone.

    If developers are calling foul on the impact to margins, I daresay they need to reconsider how they price or assess the viability of their product given the distribution costs (through an App Store/Apple for example) are still part of their costs. It's not like the Apple store tax is a constantly fluctuating variable like other costs in shipping a product, and it should be relatively easy to forecast in the valuation estimates.
  • Apple Music's Spatial Audio spreads to Mercedes-Benz vehicles

    How frustrating... bought a MY20 GLE with MBUX and despite the promise of software updates/new features being added over time... there aren't any. That being said mine only came with the regular Burmester surround sound system upgrade (and not the 3D/4D models of the flagship lines).
  • Apple strips vocals from Idris Elba's music in iPhone 14 ad

    lkrupp said:
    This is hilarious. I harken back a number of years ago to some poor bastard who lost his job over in Europe because he used a word in a speech that means “ungenerous and stingy”. Look it up in a thesaurus. He was vilified and canceled. Then the backlash ensued about how the word was a common one and had nothing to do with a racial slur and that ignorant, uneducated race baiters had reacted too quickly. But the poor guy still was pilloried, gutted, and his head placed on a pike in the town square.

    If I typed the word here AppleInsider would likely ban me for life, right?
    For the life of me I can't figure out what this word is even after Googling it.