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  • Apple strips vocals from Idris Elba's music in iPhone 14 ad

    lkrupp said:
    This is hilarious. I harken back a number of years ago to some poor bastard who lost his job over in Europe because he used a word in a speech that means “ungenerous and stingy”. Look it up in a thesaurus. He was vilified and canceled. Then the backlash ensued about how the word was a common one and had nothing to do with a racial slur and that ignorant, uneducated race baiters had reacted too quickly. But the poor guy still was pilloried, gutted, and his head placed on a pike in the town square.

    If I typed the word here AppleInsider would likely ban me for life, right?
    For the life of me I can't figure out what this word is even after Googling it.
  • Apple Music's Spatial Audio spreads to Mercedes-Benz vehicles

    How frustrating... bought a MY20 GLE with MBUX and despite the promise of software updates/new features being added over time... there aren't any. That being said mine only came with the regular Burmester surround sound system upgrade (and not the 3D/4D models of the flagship lines).
  • Vintage iPod Shuffle as hair clip video goes viral, makes us all feel old

    "I loved hearing all the throwbacks," she said, "but was also shocked at a few songs with some adult lyrics that I didn't expect myself to be listening to at nine years old."

    I feel this way every time I listen to any of my iTunes playlists from back when I was in high school (I'm not in early 30's) and am shocked too.... and sometimes it's really subtle/catchy in the lyrics but gosh, I can't believe I would sing some of that stuff out loud 
  • Foxconn India workers beset by worms in food, no running water

    1. We live in a time where companies are only as good as their weakest link in the production process including external contractors/suppliers, especially when said company is a behemoth with clear power/influence to actually drive change. Apple really does have a key role to play in this given how their actions or inactions will shape not just their own 'partners' but also set the tone for the rest of the industry/sector.

    2. That being said, I do balance my thought process on this particular topic with respect to India which has implemented some pretty strong 'protectionist' measures and suspect Apple/Foxconn are only doing what they need to do to meet these measures. I do wonder how big of a market India is for Apple though.

    3. I appreciated the Shawshank reference above... watched it again a couple of weeks ago.

  • Apple quietly buying app ads that funnel users to the App Store, developers claim [u]

    Realised my comment didn't post before but I used a similar supermarket and advertising Coca Cola analogy, or even a telco advertising an iPhone.

    If developers are calling foul on the impact to margins, I daresay they need to reconsider how they price or assess the viability of their product given the distribution costs (through an App Store/Apple for example) are still part of their costs. It's not like the Apple store tax is a constantly fluctuating variable like other costs in shipping a product, and it should be relatively easy to forecast in the valuation estimates.