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  • Apple announces April 20 special event - iPad Pro, AirTags expected

    Beats said:

    A month behind schedule.  Better have either a iPad Mini and/or better yet iPad Mini Pro!
    I wonder how long Apple will keep this month behind streak? Forever now? WWDC in July??
    WWDC is already announced for June starting on the 7th
  • Users report some original HomePods 'bricking' with software version 14.6 update

    If you are in the EU or UK and experience this issue please remember that Apple has to repair, replace or refund faulty devices that have not been modified or physically damaged for up to 6 years. Irrespective of any other warranty or extended warranty offered

    You may be out of luck if you are running a beta but for anyone else these laws apply. The HomePod and recent M1 Macs have zero user serviceable and upgradable parts. They fall under Consumer Rights Laws and Apple would not be able to dispute this.

    Just mention Consumer Rights Directive (EU), Consumer Rights Act (UK) to the Apple Rep. 

  • Tile bemoans Apple AirTags launch, raises antitrust concerns

    glennh said:
    mjtomlin said:
    The big issue here is that Apple does not allow 3rd party apps to indefinitely access Bluetooth while they're in the background on iOS. So Tile's tracking system is left at a disadvantage as it is not able to constantly monitor unless their app is open and running. The FindMy system in iOS is allowed, specifically because it is a system level service.

    So the question becomes is it ok for Apple to allow its operating system to do this, but not 3rd party apps? And of course the answer is, yes.
    The only issue here is that Apple does not have to let anyone into its hardware, software and operating systems period! Just like in sports, the home team will always have a distinct advantage! Apple can not be forced under any U.S. Constitutional legal mandate to research, patent, design and manufacture it products for the benefit or profit of others entities not belonging to its shareholders and approved by its Board of Directors and Executives appointed by this Board.

    People, companies (yeah, I am referring to Epic) and Legislative “Hypes” need to get over the fact they are not entitled to the work of others. The simpler fact is that are all invited guests in the Apple Ecosystems and there are others choices if they do not like the rules, competitive products and behavior of the Apple INNKEEPER! 
    It makes no sense to give direct unfettered access to hardware and software. This would be a security nightmare. Companies give access to underlying hardware and software features through APIs. Apple do this all the time with it's API frameworks

    In this instance Apple published details and the APIs for "Find My" at last years WWDC. Which is why we saw third parties announce Find My integration as recently as last week

    Apple instantly gave any willing competition access to a potential network of a billion iPhones. If anything Apple have increased the value of Tiles proposition in this instance.

  • New Siri Remote touch behavior inconsistent, cause unknown

     was beginning to think it was me and "a holding it wrong" moment

    I'm seeing exactly this behavior. Workaround at the moment is a partial circular motion, lift and repeat
  • M1X Mac mini will be thinner, use iMac's magnetic power connector says leaker

    I thought most predictions suggest that the M1X will be available in up to 64Gb of unified memory not 16Gb as the article states
  • Apple TV+ reportedly attracts 'millions' of users in first week as Apple renews four shows...

    I too signed up for the free year (I bought a iPhone 11 Pro), but what I read today is "you can watch Apple TV+ on the new device you bought from Apple"...Wait ..what?? I will only give Apple TV+ a chance on my TV not a phone or tablet....WTF??
    You can watch on all of your Apple devices that are  linked to the same appleid

    You can also hand-off between them just as you could with iTunes 

  • Apple debuts colorful 24-inch iMac with M1, upgraded camera and audio

    elijahg said:
     It also has no Ethernet port at all on the base model, 

    The specs say the base model has Ethernet as a configurable option. It's probably as simple as swapping the power supply!
  • New Siri Remote touch behavior inconsistent, cause unknown

    MichaelP. said:
    Does no one read user guides anymore? On Apple's support site, there are many of them and there is also one for the Apple TV, in which you can very clearly read how the scrubbing works with the new remote.
    No people (and myself) do not read guides for devices that are supposed to be simple to use and for which there have been several iterations before that did not require reading a guide. 

    FYI - Even when I go to the AppleTV support page it is not easy to find the information on the new remote. On the UK page I had to search for the new remote support info to get me to the new support guide. It doesn't appear on the main appleTV support guide page at all which still leads with the old models and remote

    This shuttle wheel action was a tentpole feature of the new remote.

    In fact. The Event video infers that this is a simple jog dial you use by moving your finger in a circular fashion, iPod style. It does not show any part of the pause video and wait sequence. The video jumps straight to a timeline being scrolled with a circle displayed. Poor editing possibly but a wasted opportunity to explain this action and new user experience, that seems to have stumped many intelligent people and prompted several articles and hundreds of comments across tech sites. 

    It would be a far better single step UX experience to recognise the circular scrolling action and after a short delay to prevent false positives, invoke the action. Completely intuitive and nothing to learn.