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  • Apple sued over claims website is inaccessible to visually impaired users

    This is the inevitable conclusion of trying to make things fair for everyone...rather, legally requiring everything be fair for everyone. Sometimes life ain't fair.
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  • Apple's Mac mini now inexcusably getting trounced by cheap Intel hardware

    Yeah, but instead of having power, the Mac mini has that cool Apple factor and Apple industrial design. That's far more useful than actual computing power...
  • Showdown: Samsung Galaxy Buds versus AirPods and the rumored AirPods 2

    Let's not give these AirPod wannabes any attention. This is what made people think androids were real iPhones.
    I'm really happy that Apple Insider doesn't listen to you. While the AirPods might be perfect for some, they aren't for others. With the 2-hour talk time, they are pretty much worthless for people who use their phone to...you know...talk. 

    Everyone should be happy that many companies have entered this market. Competition creates innovation.
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  • Trump expects Apple to build manufacturing plant in Texas

    JWSC said:

    So, Tim is right, as far as his statement goes.  But let’s not forget who built up China - American bean counters who, it turns out, really didn’t know which beans they should be counting.

    First it was, ‘Chinese labor is cheap’ so let’s manufacture there.  And then ‘oh crap, the Chinese don’t have proper infrastructure’ so let’s get them started with that.  Then more second tier Chinese suppliers sprung up, and more infrastructure was put in place.  And then large regions such as Shenzhen turned into massive draws for subsistence farmers looking for a better life.  And they morphed into a large and highly skilled labor force.  And then even more infrastructure was put in place.

    But the bean counters neglected to take full account of the logistics needed to ship all the bits and pieces all around the world.  And what might have worked OK 20 years ago is woefully out of date today.  But we can’t change our sourcing now.  China has the infrastructure, right??!

    So yea, China has all that going for it now.  I begrudge them not.  But the US, and Europe, can and should have that too.

    All the excuses in the world can’t take away from the fact that American CEOs, CFOs and their assorted bean counters sold out their communities and their company rank and file to get a few extra pennies on the dollar out of product so they could please their stockholders and get those extra bonuses, while their US factories got shut down and their once loyal employees got a pick slip.  That’s a f-ing bitter pill to swallow.

    Tim, do better!

    Generally speaking:   American workers are fat and lazy and American executives greedy b's who only care about their next quarterly bonus and the value fo their stock options.

    America was built by hungry workers working for committed, dedicated owner/managers with vision and long range goals -- From Carnegie to Jobs.  When we get back to that, the jobs will return.   Not before.
    We can make all the excuses.   But the fact remains:  the jobs went to those places who did the best, cheapest work -- despite our protectionist tariffs.  And, they won't be coming back until we can make things better and cheaper -- even if we try protectionist tariffs -- again.
    You're a disgrace. I don't know how you can disparage American workers this way. Do you seriously expect American workers to do the same job for what the Chinese pay their workers? The cost of living isn't even close to what it is here in the US. Do you expect US workers to work for less than what it costs them to live? 

    Bonkers. Absolutely bonkers. 
  • First look at the new space gray 2018 Mac mini

    tylersdad said:
    it is absolutely unbelievable what Apple charges for these things. The base model is $799 and only comes with an I3 processor, 8 GB RAM, and a 128 SSD drive. Want to upgrade to 256 GB? That'll be $200...the cost of a 1TB SSD on Amazon. 

    Those SSDs aren't even close to equivalent in performance. The $200 1TB SSD is 1/6 the speed of the Apple drive. 

    I get where you're coming from, but compare like with like.
    Here's an apples-to-apples comparison. This is a PCIe SSD drive. One of the fastest available. It's $200 for 512 GB.

  • Every iPhone user is tied to Saudi business interests, like it or not

    teonyc said:
    While I didn’t see it mentioned, there’s another underlying issue that affects Tim Cook. As an out gay man, I find it curious that he chums it up with someone who would have him executed just for his sexuality (note, not even behavior). It is simply enough to be accused of being gay to be arrested and executed in Saudi Arabia. I understand his fiduciary responsibility as CEO supersedes his personal issues in this context. But if the murder of a journalist is a red line, then why not this?
    Right. My thoughts exactly. 

    Cook and all the other tech giants have no trouble cozying up to regimes such as Saudi Arabia and China--where gay rights are virtually nonexistent. And they don't say one negative word about those regimes. But Trump is the devil.

    Uh huh...

    They are all just massive hypocrites. As long as it's good for business, they are more than happy to do business with bad state actors. 
  • Apple Watch & iPhone used in escape from flipped, sinking car

    "The company has sometimes been blamed for causing accidents though, for instance by failing to prevent people from using FaceTime when driving. Apparently admitting the problem, it implemented a "Do Not Disturb While Driving" feature in 2017's iOS 11."

    To be clear, this isn't an Apple problem or a Skype problem or an Android/Samsung/Google problem. This is a problem with users who are unable to use technology in a safe and responsible manner. The same people who do not use technology in a safe and responsible manner are very likely not self-aware enough to actually realize they need to turn on DND.
  • Trump expects Apple to build manufacturing plant in Texas

    rob53 said:
    Has anyone been watching the construction of the Tesla Gigafactory in Shanghai? They broke ground in January 2019. This is a huge facility and the outside is already finished. They've moved inside and as of July 19, "The final closure of the Gigafactory 3 façade and the installation of doors and windows. It indicates that the Tesla G3 will soon begin to install equipment such as auto robots."

    Tell me what American company could do this in the same amount of time. If you think Chinese workers can't build anything then look at 90% of the things in your house. They were built by Chinese workers. American manufacturers gave up years ago. All we employ now are stupid MBAs. There used to be a time when the United States was trying to work with other countries for the good of the world. Not any more and that's just plain stupid and selfish.
    This has nothing to do with the ability of American companies versus Chinese companies and everything to do with the fact that building factories in China is FAR easier because they don’t have the same environmental restrictions we have in the US. Do they have to do environmental impact reports? No. Do they have the same permit process we have here? No. 

    Get rid of those restrictions and American companies would be able to compete. There would be a level playing field. The field right now is anything but level. 
  • Here's what you need to know about lossless Amazon Music Unlimited HD

    Niallivm said:
    I’ve been loyal to Apple Music since launch but the pricing on Amazon Music Unlimited HD will probably make it irresistible. I’ve had both Tidal and Deezer on trial this year and have been impressed by the audio quality compared to Apple Music but the price in the UK for those services is an extortionate $25/month. If Amazon performs as advertised I’m in. 
    I get Apple Music for free through Verizon. I pay for Amazon Music and do so gladly. It is a far superior service to Apple Music in every way. 
  • Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit & Galaxy Buds are Samsung's new wearables

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    clarker99 said:
    Are they doing fit bit ripoffs now?

    The AirPod ripoffs were always going to happen. 
    What do you think they ripped off exactly?
    The 5-hour talk time. Oh, sorry. AirPods only have a 2-hour talk time. My bad. 
    So what are you going to talk about in 5 hours hahahaha
    Unfortunately, I big part of my job is being on conference calls. Two hours just wouldn't cut it.