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  • Apple works on waking Siri without the 'Hey'

    Please don’t.
    I get enough random Siri activations as it is.
    You want to do something to improve Siri?  Get her/him/it to start understanding contextually what we are asking.  So tired of the “here is what I found …” to basic inquiries.
  • Bluetooth streaming problems introduced in Apple's iOS 9.2 remain, have wide ramifications

    This article is another in a long line of many reasons folks are concerned with the rumored loss of the 3.5 audio jack.
    Apple BT implementation is not the robust "it just works" tech is should and could be.
  • FBI reportedly briefs senators on San Bernardino iPhone hack

    "Senators, we found two names on the iPhone that relate to the case: Jack and Schitt."
    I am well acquainted with Jack and the whole Schitt clan.  They are an "entertaining" group of individuals.  B)
  • Apple's VocalIQ takeover could hint at Siri upgrades for WWDC and beyond

    Kind of neat however the biggest issue I have with Siri (and why I now seldom use it) is the ability for Siri to give me a clear cut answer that I can easily use.  Understanding what I say and mean is nice.  Without the knowledge needed to do what I want with it ....  Siri IQ boost Siriously needed.
  • Secure WhatsApp found to not be completely eradicating chat transcripts

    gatorguy said:
    Not specifically mentioned in AI's article:
    Apple’s iMessage has this problem and it’s just as bad, if not worse. Your SMS.db is stored in an iCloud backup, but copies of it also exist on your iPad, your desktop, and anywhere else you receive iMessages. Deleted content also suffers the same fate."
    It wasn't mentioned because it's not relevant to the topic of the article. WhatsApp promises utter absolute security, and eradication of deleted messages.

    iMessage does not.
    However Apple alludes to it.  
    Why is it the deeper I dig, the the more the "privacy" claims by Apple tends to resemble a house of sticks?

  • Apple and the Bot War on Apps

    These rants get more nonsensical and pathetic every time one is posted. The app boom is over, just as surely as the Wii shovelware train eventually came to an end. There's simply too much garbage in the Store now, and Apple won't do the needed purging. Will there be the occasional hit? Sure, but not like the old days. 

    I mean, this entire rant contradicts itself multiple times. 
    So true.  What's even more broke is the ability to search for apps.  To find a decent relevant for the App Store I use Google.  Wow.
    For Enterprise, most either leverage and mod existing apps or develop their own apps.  Two I consult for and one I directly work for all have a company app store.
    For bots - I can see this growing however will it follow the app evolutionary path?  I see more of the Instant App feature being the future. 
    tallest skil
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook, VP Lisa Jackson to host Clinton fundraising event

    hudsonb said:
    Apple should stay out of politics... Supporting a crooked woman and her philandering husband is nauseating.
    And that is the problem.  As soon as your hear, read, or see the term "Tim Cook' it is interpreted by most as "Apple".  For that reason alone he should not be doing this.
    tallest skil
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook, VP Lisa Jackson to host Clinton fundraising event

    macxpress said:
    hudsonb said:
    Apple should stay out of politics... Supporting a crooked woman and her philandering husband is nauseating.

    Apple isn't in politics. It didn't say Apple is holding a Clinton fundraising even...it said Tim Cook was. Tim is welcomed to do what he wants with this spare time just like you and I. I don't think you actually read the article, but rather just the headline and posted. 
    Doesn't matter.  The significant majority of the public translates Tim Cool as Apple.
    The terms are swappable.
  • Review: Apple's 4" iPhone SE is better than we deserve

    Not a bad update however to classify it as a 4.5 / 5 when it is only marginally better than a 5S is a bit of a misnomer. Is it worth an upgrade from a 5S on a 2 year or payment plan? Don't think so. I can see this as more of an entry level device. Still, they could have done better.
    6SgoldfishRefuse refuse!