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  • Another F for Alphabet: after abandoning Android tablets last year, Google retreats from C...

    Google is a surveillance company... I mean advertising company. The goal in Mountain View is not hardware or software, it is data collection. 
  • 'AirPods 2' may not launch until the fall, Wireless Charging case coming sooner

    eriamjh said:
    My AirPods are dying.  Daily use for 2 years has rendered them to get 1hr of music and 30m of phone calls.  Resets, forgetting, re-pairing, etc. all no effect.  

    I need new ones and won’t buy with a new design on the horizon.  
    For those in the USA, AirPod battery replacement is $49
  • Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

    laoban00 said:
    At least the Chinesse realize they dont have what is required to create such amazing products and they are trying to learn how to make it... is bad but you have to learn somewere.... Apple need to protect better its investments
    Lol. Let me know when an iphone shoots better pics than even the cheapest Huawei. For your info the best smartphone in the world is the Huawei Mate 20 pro. 
    Dude, the iPhone camera is rated amongst the top. And the iPhone does video recording significantly better than the competition. Enjoy being surveillanced and mined for an indiscernible difference in photo quality. 
  • Is iPhone still cool? Maybe Apple should flip the script

    IMO, there is nothing compelling about a flip phone. What problem is being solved?  The Fold is a hideous and over priced device. The form and function makes very little sense. 

    I can see an argument for a foldable iPad/tablet. A bigger form factor that can be made compact when on the go.  iPad OS being optimized to take advantage of this type of device would likely be better given Android wont even try to optimize for a foldable unit. 

    Moving parts and joints = warranty nightmare.

    Apple will no doubt enter the foldable space at some point but time will tell what differentiates an Apple foldable from the competition. Again, Foldable for the sake of foldable makes no sense. 
  • Our biggest gripes with Apple's 2018 iPad

    My gripe with the 2018 iPad is that it is not the iPad Pro. 

    Future article: 

    My gripe with the iPad Pro 2018 is that it costs double the iPad.
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  • Our biggest gripes with Apple's 2018 iPad

    Some of these things are value-engineering, but the non-laminated display in my view is a bad mistake by Apple, heavily affecting the ergonomics with pencil, touch and even viewing for not much benefit in profit. There was a time when 10 or 15 percent profit margins were regarded as exceptional and when Apple is trying to push things north of 50 with certain items they're really pushing their luck. When you consider what they're going up against in the education market it's kind of short-sighted.
    Pushing their luck!!! $329. There is not a better value for the money product in the Apple line-up. How will they ever sell these?!?!🤔
  • Disney CEO Bob Iger to step down

    d_2 said:
    As someone that follows Disney pretty closely, including a number of the hardcore fans discussion boards, I can summarize that the overall fan opinion of the parks has been trending negative for many months. A quick check of said boards is showing many of these fans in panic, as Chapek’s been the number one owner of the parks’ numerous issues.
    I follow along as well, Chapek is taking tons of heat on DisTwitter and small pockets of the boards.  Chapek just has zero personality and he comes across terrible.  The most powerful position in entertainment should have some charisma. 

    As for Iger, he grew Disney into Its true value. $50b to as high as $250b market cap under his leadership.
  • Some iPhone 12 users report unexpected battery drain issues

    I am pretty sure this not just an iPhone 12 issue. Have a XR and a 7 Plus user in the house and they are seeing excess drain while in idle mode. 
  • Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

    Matebook Pro... lol. Huawei is the worst. Waiting for Avon 7 to tell us how stealing is good and that Huawei is pushing innovation bc of 17 camera lenses and fast charging and not linked to the Chinese gov’t in any way and that they are not an Apple clone company etc etc. Should be fun.  
  • Morgan Stanley cuts Apple stock price target over weak Chinese iPhone demand

    lewchenko said:
    They are still delusional to think it will be back at 236 within a year I think. 

    and I would disagree that the post above that the  markets are usually down this time of year. Quieter and flatter perhaps , but not down as much as they are. That’s due to exceptional circumstances this year and in apples case a series of bad news to go on top. 

    I got lucky and sold everything I had at 227 (main reason for selling was the sky high prices they were now charging.. smelled fishy)

    Key question is whether to get back in yet.  Gut says it’s gonna go lower (150 easily) before it slowly recovers back to 200 by mid next year. 

    But it I do agree with the analysts that apple has a problem. And cranking up the prices is not going to work in the long run of unit sales keep falling (which they will at the prices they are now charging) . All stocks are priced for future profit, hence why it’s falling. Hiding the unit sales after years of showing them also says you have something to hide. 

    ‘Cranking up prices’. Unless we see gross margin % increase your making stuff up. Been the same for almost a decade.