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  • iPhone SE returns to Apple's clearance store for third time in January

    DAalseth said:
    This would be great if they kept size and upgraded processor. Their support will end soon and $300 might be waste of money. Having hardware upgraded phone for $500 that would be supported for next 4 years would be much better option. I was personally in the situation like that and as much as I like iPhone SE and its attractive price I will not buy it because of limited time support. I upgrade mobile phones every 4-5 years. I do not care what others do and I definitely do not have time for playing phone upgrades and hype - this only tool for me. So to keep cost efficiency and upgrade I went Android LG which offers solid functions (some quality is way better than newest iPhone's like screen and sound). Sorry Apple, but that was good run with 5S for last years. No more and absolutely nothing that exceeds $600 price mark for phone.
    This is what I tell people who say if I don't want to pay $1k+ for an iPhone XS then get an 8 or a 7. Yes I can save a few hundred but it will have a significantly shorter lifespan. Apple will stop pushing iOS updates that much sooner. I and not sure if my SE or my wife's 6 will get iOS 13 later this year. Once that happens the clock is ticking. We will be looking to update after that. It makes no sense to replace them with a 7 that will be in the same boat in a year or two. 
    The A9 chip found in the iPhone SE is pretty powerful. AR currently works with it. I also find it hard to believe that Apple would sell new phones and then eliminate them from upgrades 9 months later.
  • Apple Silicon transition may hit its two-year target with 2022 Mac Pro

    mike54 said:
    After all the unlimited praise youtubers, tech sites, Apple fanboius, etc gave the M1, I just hope Apple is not taking advantage of this praise, milking as much revenue as they can from it, thereby delaying advancement. Apple does have a bad habit of releasing something great and then sitting on it past its use-by date.
    ah, they produce a new A Series chip every year. My guess is that will be the plan for the M Series, also. Is that "sitting on it past its use-by date?"
  • How to cope with just 128GB of SSD storage on your Mac mini or MacBook

    External devices are a pain with laptops. Here are some of my experiences. -A desk based HD: Your machine is no longer portable, If I go somewhere without the HD, I can easily access the files on the HD. -Portable HD: There is this pigtailed device always following me around. I am currently working on a large project on a portable HD. No matter how careful I have been, there has been a number of times the drive has become disconnected going from the bedroom to the bedroom. Memory stick: what ever you do, don't get a regular profile. They can too easily get bumped. Bump them too often and the USB port gets ruined. New motherboard time. $$ Low profile memory sticks: These tuck up tightly against the laptop, virtually eliminating the bumping problem. Lacking torque, it makes harder to bend the USB port. Medium profile 512gb sticks can be for $100. For true low profile sticks, they max out at 256gb.
  • Apple hit with patent infringement lawsuit for selling a smart water bottle

    Y’all are are going to own me large sums of money. I do use patented I cylindrical item with a bottom and no top that holds liquids.

  • Apple culture hinders recruitment and talent retention efforts, report says

    The blanket 60-80 hrs statement is never a blanket. Living minutes away from MS, I have heard stories of work hrs of 60-100+ hrs, At the same time, I have also stories of supers kicking out their charges if it is after 5:00 PM.
  • Apple hit with lawsuit targeting AppleCare+ refurbished devices

    Looks like I got lied to. My wife's out of warranty iPhone 5c died and was offered a "new" replacement. I asked if the phone was new? I got told yes. Not refurbished? I got told no, it is new. Sucker died in 6 months and store will not stand behind it. Lied to 3 different times.