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  • Apple plans to launch 5G iPhone in 2020, report says

    M68000 said:
    Yeah,  and who's going to finance this with rising phone service prices and data plans?   The public?
    The same people that finance Apple’s rising ASP
  • MacUpdate served up Mac cryptominer to unsuspecting users in Firefox, OnyX, and Deeper dow...

    I actually tried mining Monero on my '17 MBP, and it suuuucks lol.  Whoever wrote that virus wasted a lot of time.  Ran it for 3 days straight and the hash rate wasn't high enough to earn anything.  Maybe it works a bit better on iMacs 
  • Review: Apple Watch Series 2 is a great improvement, but watchOS 3 steals the show

    WatchOS3 has been a pretty big improvement for me on my S1.  Definitely seems to load quicker, and it's more responsive.  
  • Fears about continued sales growth of iPhone mount, while praise heaped on Services

    Yeah - Apple makes such a quality product that increasing prices are going to deter people from upgrading annually or every two years.  When you have a 7s that works great (esp if you have the battery replaced) it can be hard to justify paying $1000 for a new phone 
  • Morgan Stanley cuts Apple stock price target over weak Chinese iPhone demand

    lkrupp said:
    Longer smartphone replacement cycles? I thought it was price and price alone. At least that’s what usual suspects are always yammering about here.
    It’s a combination, of course.  Apple makes amazing phones and has been for a decade.  Quality phones + nothing amazing/revolutionary in the new phones + rising ASPs + more people smartphones = decline in sales.  It’s not that hard to figure out
  • Class action claims all Apple Watches are defective

    I had the face of my S0 fall off once.  However, 1) I’ve swam in the ocean with it on and 2) It was under AppleCare so I had Apple replace it for free, so no big deal.  
  • Apple sues Swatch over 'Tick different' trademark

    Apple won't win this.
    Agreed - this is a perfect example of frivolous.  Just a waste of time (pun intended) and money.  Not sure why Apple feels the need to pursue this - they have an amazing product in the Apple Watch, and I don't see how Swatch could hope to compete with it
  • Tim Cook included in early list of potential VP candidates for Clinton campaign

    If Cook was the VP I'd actually consider voting for the Dems
  • New Chinese rules say Apple's App Store must track identities of users, developers

    macxpress said:
    eriamjh said:
    Apple will concede.  The market is too big to ignore.  

    But is it worth it in the end.....China seems to make it very hard for others to complete in their space. Yes, its a big market, but as soon as it drops off, I'd be looking to pulling out. 
    I always pull out after dropping off as well 
  • Apple warns investors it won't announce iPhone 7 opening weekend sales

    sog35 said:
    hodar said:

    There is a reason Apple does what Apple does.  Apple doesn't do anything "randomly".

    If Apple is not going to release the opening weekend sales ....  Odds are pretty good that there is a really good reason.  I submit that the sales will be dismal and disappointing.

    I am hardly the first one to say that the iPhone 7 wasn't the BIG announcement that everyone was hoping for.  It was a let-down for many, and while I like the longer battery life; for me, losing the headphone jack isn't worth the cost.  When I drive, I use my iPhone for navigation, listen to music, and I also charge my phone.  Currently, I can do all this with ease - Apple took this away.

    Why?  "Because the Headphone jack is 100 years old".  Sorry, BS.  Buttons are older than that, surprisingly they didn't take off the buttons.  If they said "We wanted waterproof and dustproofing, and the headphone jack made this nearly impossible - that is a reason.  100 years old is just elitist BS.  Perhaps this "marketing company" didn't look at what people are actually using.  Why do I want to get rid of my car, so I can use a $800 phone?  Do I want to upgrade my car stereo and toss my $5 cable so I can use a $1,200+ car stereo that does EXACTLY the same thing?  This is an expensive step backwards, for negligible improvement.  Bluetooth 4.2 specs just do not provide adequate audiophile quality, unless you are purchasing Bluetooth equipment that meets the 4.2 specs on the transmit and receive side - and on the receive side, we are talking the more expensive articles, not the stuff you are going to find at most stores.

    I believe that removing the headphone jack will impact the sales of the new iPhone.  I am giving serious thought into sitting out this upgrade cycle and waiting for the next iPhone before giving up my iPhone 6.

    Your car does not have a USB port?  Damn man, get a new car already.

    You sound a like a cry baby complaining that cars don't come with casette players anymore. MOVE ON. TECH IS ALWAYS MOVING FORWARD. MOVE FORWARD or just fall behind.

    Maybe the iPhone 7 just isn't made for you. Go stick with your older iPhone and be happy. But for hundreds of millions of other people, we love NEW TECHNOLOGY and GOING FORWARD not backwards or stagnant.  
    Yeah.  I mean, any time you have the opportunity to force tens of millions of people to use a dongle, you have to do it