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  • if admin A is visiting family in the jemez moutains, i could always swing by and take him a message if needed... but im not sure who admin A is (vs admin b through e or f)...though i might guess that A stands for the first letter of the user name…
  • ouch... well you could always just add any of us to your ignore list...i was just looking through my user cp and noticed a couple i have there that i forgot... the ignore list can be a godsend.... i also just quickly looked through Pol. out…
  • ha...i wonder what my post count is here...did it reset to zero?... and yes i am a pre blackout AI human that hasn't been here in a while...hoping to find why another site is down...likely tied to the soon to be demise of thinksecret i assume... …
  • Quote: Originally posted by bergz Gelding! If you don't post a link to a fullsize I'll cut your... I mean, would you mind posting at least a 1024 x 768? Purty please? Got any other bugs? --B ah, at first i thought you were yelling at…
  • i also want to say thanks to AI and also thanks to the warm response from it's members g
  • moving from austin to houston? damn, that better be a hella job she is getting to do that good luck g me i go nothing...i write one resume every 10 years or so
  • nice to be back... will have to drop by more often to say hi and make a few meanless posts that i excel at g
  • hey thanks all.... it has been forever since i have seen a jambo post... i kinda see the ai/an split less as an able and cain thing and more as a mary kate and ashley at 30 years old kinda thing... nothing so "final" as killing off a "fam…
  • sorry...thanks paul for "finding" me to fix this g
  • i think that there are too many variables with this test (currents, life jacket, swimming ability, sharks etc....) i think i have a way to make it easier a tall building is on are on the street at the center of the building with a b…
  • Quote: Originally posted by psgamer0921 Your mother and your father, who are the same age A boy and a girl, who are twins A 5 year old and a 13 year old (No, the 13 year old can't swim back) The baby of a newlywed couple, or the baby of a couple …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Jambo Sniff The Fishy Underwear Go on - you know you want to... very strange post coming from james i'll leave it at that g
    in Test Comment by thegelding May 2004
  • almost 43, own my home, three cars, etc etc... was raised a crazy liberal, will die a crazy liberal... the sound of rush limburger's voice causes pain to my intestines... and i am even a liberal 365 days a year, even on tax day...i love pay…
  • salamanders trust furry underwear? g
    in Test Comment by thegelding May 2004
  • Quote: Originally posted by pfflam Geb Bush is obviously part of AQ, and trying to take his brother down!! able and cain version 2.0 maybe it is the end of days? g
  • i still say we need to attack and make regime change in florida... florida had AQ operatives living there, florida allowed those operatives to be trained to fly planes, most likely at a school certified by the state of florida...heck, florida eve…
  • the big boys were a texas punk band that used horns and funky beats on many songs...the fat elvis is a cd of theirs that is a must have trouble funk was a dc band that was mostly funky, but a bit punky g
  • yeah, pretty screwed up...not our district, but the school is not far from here...built by intel, not macs allowed, so you know that school is fucked g