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  • either i'm blind or there are no tests performed... also it is not as interesting to see generic efficiency enhancement tests, but rather benchmarks for which the compiler has been optimized, as it's the case with SPEC and the intel compiler... in r…
  • the mira system is not a remote display. this doesn't work all too well over a regular iee802.11 connection (i'm doing it here with vnc all day... by the way there is a vnc client for palm handhelds which lets you connect to a desktop mac/*nix/pc vi…
  • well, not many people know this, but the airport station is actually the only real pc apple currently sells. pc in the meaning of x86. the base station is driven by an amd embedded chip which has a bunch of peripherial stuff around a 486 core. the b…
  • i don't know if anyone ever read the "bottom line" of the motorola processor strategy: "8xxx integrated processor targeting the communication and consumer markets" well. that said, the embedded "G5" is in the final stage of development (dubbed…
  • it was propably related to some routing problem regarding all akamai "powered" servers in europe... i don't know if you are from europe, but several people here experienced that problem... it was solved some hours later...
  • thanks... sorry for bothering you... (just thought it might not be me, in favor of some interesting difference ;-)
  • just recently i read an interview with some guy responsible for parts of the semiconductor division of moto. the interesting part about that interview was, that it wasn't related to apple that much, but rather general about the next couple of big pr…
  • wait a sec... someone said something about airport being to ****ing expensive: it's by far the cheapest ie3 802.11 basestation out there. the new one is an even better deal cause of the firewall features not inlcuded in the first one. airport car…