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  • Quote: Originally posted by icfireball Apple said Mac San Fran '06 at WWDC '05 for leopard. No, they didn't. They said that Leopard should be shipping by the end of 2006. Watch the keynote again.
  • Safari does appear to be leaking memory (open Terminal and type 'leaks Safari'), although not much (5 kb here).
  • I don't now how performance would be, but installation is just drag-and-drop.
    in Sims 2 Comment by hyperb0le July 2005
  • Rule #1 for being an Apple user: If Steve says that it is the "Year of 'X'", then there will almost certainly be no X-related products after the initial launch. See: Year of the Notebook
  • Quote: Originally posted by Trans9B in the widget manager (which is an absolute joke "widget widget") none of my installed widgets show the minus icon. there's still no way for me to "easily" remove widgets. i only have my phonebook and weather …
  • Apple hasn't been at MacWorld Boston since they moved it away from New York. They do MWSF, WWDC, Apple Expo Paris, etc now.
    in Macworld? Comment by hyperb0le July 2005
  • Quote: Originally posted by Nordstrodamus That's funny. One time I was visiting NY City and I was filming my wife walking in front of some government building with my camcorder when some NY cops stopped me and told me I couldn't do that. Appare…
  • People are way too focused on getting things done fast rather than getting them done well. Imagine: It's 2015, and TextMessage shorthand has replaced correct English as the written language of English-speaking nations. You open up the newspaper and …
  • Autocorrect is the absolute worst feature in Office. Rather than rely on Word to correct your work, invest the effort into making it correct the first time. And no, Pages does not have Autocorrect.
  • Safari is already a Cocoa app. And a picky thing: Applications are not written in Cocoa. Cocoa is an environment, which is written for. Objective-C is the language most commonly used for Cocoa development, although Java and (I believe) Python ca…
  • Quote: Originally posted by slughead If Think secret is hurting Apple's stock price by printing LIES, then it's liable, but if it did that, nobody would believe them anymore anyway. Libel, not liable. If you are likely to do something, you …
  • Quote: Originally posted by O-Mac "We sell hundreds of downloads," Goldberg says. "But we don't make money on them. Subscriptions is a much better business for us." Wow, if "better business" is categorized by hundreds of downloads, I'd hate t…
  • Quote: Originally posted by aplnub I do. It is a really good one. Eric Tease.
  • ReplayTV works really well, and you can retrieve videos from it using mReplay. Yes, mReplay's interface currently sucks, but I've sent the guy some interface mockups and graphics, and he's going to use them to make the app more OSX-ish.
  • I'll take one if you have any left. hyperb0le AT spymac DOT com
  • Quote: Originally posted by othello tables? stylesheets? Tables - Yes Stylesheets - Not for the first release, but it will be implemented soon after
  • Quote: Originally posted by Hobbes Sounds good. Footnotes, margins, dictionary, .doc compatibility...? Footnotes: Check Margins: Check Dictionary: Do you mean spell checking? If so, Check .Doc Compatibility: Initially it will use basic…
  • Well, for anyone who wants to know, I'm currently working on a Cocoa word processor that basically is Keynote for word processing. So, if Apple isn't working on one, don't despair, because one is coming .
  • Quote: Originally posted by thuh Freak didn't some cable station do a greek era movie not too long ago? maybe rome... actually, i'm thinking it was near cæsarian times, so rome. and another cable staion (possibly the same one) just released one…
    in Troy Comment by hyperb0le May 2004
  • I don't think it is just a rumor. I seem to remember that feature being in some early 10.3 dev seeds. However, Apple pulled it because it would wear down the iPod's HD too quickly. Remember, the iPod's hard drive is not meant to be spinning all the …