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  • Just wanted to be on record as having said that the new iMac will sell millions. Digital video editing in iMovie is great fun, mix that with being able to burn your own DVD's!!! Love this post, 2000 by 9.00?
  • Sorry, I made my last post before reading some of the more technical posts above. Having read these issues regarding Classic etc, I going to change my mind . . . It's not OSX for x86 What would easier OSX for x86 or WinXP for PowerPC?
  • Surely it has to be OSX for x86 OSX for x86 is the only way that Apple are ever going to gain significant market, though like many people just the thought of it scares me half to death. :eek: If a launch of OSX for PC's was not in conjunc…
  • Perhaps Apple are thinking more in terms of 'Teraflops' rather than Ghz, remember the G4 adverts regarding the world's first desktop supercomputer? Would a quad G4 PowerMac hit 1 Teraflop, I don't know, any ideas?
  • Seen that one before, its been doing the rounds for months!
  • Run Ottomatic on a modern imac: Whilst the game is in full swing press ctrl+F8 (I think) to get the frame rate info up on screen. On my TiBook I managed to get about 200,000 polygons a sec at 640x480. (I'd be interested to see what anyone else ge…
  • Apple could buy Sega easy! Their stock value is so low right now. Sega have a utterly incredible back catalogue of games, plus some future classics in development. They could make a load of money just publishing games for Macs, Mobiles, PDA?s and …
  • Apple needs to do something about it's stance on games. A GameCube compatable iMac2 would be great, but I don't think it's going to happen. The PowerPC used in the GC is quite similar to the PowerPC used in the current iMac?s, but the problem is …