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  • All Canadian Industrial Bands!!!! ie: Skinny Puppy, MDM (martyr diabolos martyr), Front Line Assembly, Numb, Malhavoc, DHI, !Bang Elektronika...stuff like that. The Best Industrial Comes From Canada
  • Hey SQUÅSH. Don't worry, it's definitely not you who has the virus. It is called Klez and affects only Windows machines. I work for an ISP and it has been causing all sorts of problems and is nearly impossible to trace. What it does on the machi…
    in OS X virus? Comment by nexus July 2002
  • I work for an AASP here in Canada (Toronto Area). We placed two orders for the new imac for ourselves through two separate distributors about 4 hours after they were announced. We are 39th on the waiting list. We were told they were going to ship …
  • Canada Store down as well. <Getting very anxious>
  • I can't believe that a$$hole. And I can't believe that Apple just sits back and lets the $#!t slide. I'd be suing those mutherf**kers for slander. Sleazy as Dell
  • I never thought of the G4 only being in the top end iMac. I guess this could be a possibility. I think the whole iMac line needs to move into G4 though. The xtra power will be needed to make this whole digital hub thing fly smoothly. OS X on a G…
  • The quote about the new iMac having a G4 "Like the High-end Machines" kinda set me back a bit too. The fact that a new iMac is coming out hasn't been a secret though and I don't really think that this is the only product that all the hype was set u…