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  • Yes that would work, but I need the xl-1 to work tomorrow morning. The quick fix is to run the analog video feed to another DV camera and then firewire into the Powerbook. Not elegant, but it will work until I find a better solution. Thanks
  • I want to apoligize too, since I started it. It just seemed a little pat. No intention of making any one unwelcome, just looking for the facts, which would come out through further discussion. Welcome to AI. N2NRN
  • Okay you're right, some one is passing gas.
  • Huh, two new guys with very negative views.....sniff, sniff, sniff... Apple Employees? But I'm in upstate NY, our "local" independent resellers (3 hr. away) are great. I'm probably wrong. N2NRN
  • What is the approx. range you will need this wifi signal to span? If you aren't in direct line of sight, iirc,it won't work. Another way to do this. Find some local amateur radio operators in your area who could set you up with a slow scan or fas…
  • I've had this happen a couple of times too. Very strange. Only works with Mail. N2NRN
  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMC), Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), or Military time (Zulu) are all versions of a single time system. You just have to remember your local timezone in reference to Greenwich Time. In New York I'm -5 hours, and other places a…
  • ...and me. I'm going to bed again and staying there. n2nrn
  • Is it my imagination.....no actually it's not, that JUJU ad is racist. I don't suppose there is much of a market for the brothers turning in some radical Swedes. And the bullshit perpetuates itself. I'm going to bed. n2nrn
  • Quote: Originally posted by Eugene How do I connect my Apple StyleWriter to my new PowerBook? String
  • And I forgot Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. Talented bunch to say the least.
  • I gotta add a little funky jam... George Clinton and Parliament. Nice simple down to earth costuming too.javascript:smilie('8)')
  • Lots of great stuff out there, and you've gotten lots of great advice. My $.02: Ellington's "Money Jungle"' is great. I like early Miles Davis including " 'Round about Midnight" and "Milestones" Anything by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messen…
  • Thanks Dobby. I'm trying to do a long range plan (2 year) to change this server over to something accessible to the rest of my Mac network, for all of the obvious maintenance and management reasons. Thanks again N2NRN
  • I agree with BuonRotto. Get some sleep. Knit some socks. Go skiing. Good night.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Luca Rescigno In theory you'd think that having rechargable alkaline batteries would be good, since alkalines last longer than the old Nickel Cadmium rechargables that take overnight to charge and then don't last long.…
  • Quote: Originally posted by ast3r3x Don't worry about it, my 15" AlBook gets up to 145...or had before. My fan always comes on when I'm playing games. I think as long as it doesn't get hotter then 145 you'll be fine. I don't think it will unle…