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  • Quote: Originally Posted by sequitur It just occurred to me: Hypothetical ~~~ Job's Apple stock holdings were probably willed to his family; if they have no other income, they may start selling off some of the Apple stock. How would tha…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by ericvet8b (I guess it will work wireless Wifi Sync too) It already does! And it's free! You can use a 'personal cloud', a.k.a. a virtual USB stick, or a virtual pendrive. A 'pendrive' that you can't lose, forget,…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by rallion123 I can't take any risk with my data. Exactly! Hard- and software can be replaced. Data can't. Good luck, and keep us posted.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Tallest Skil Or they're? resolidifying their hold on something important? Either way it it will be at the expense of progress. But I think the whole 'location services' issue will become moot when the GPS satelli…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Simbi OK, so I'm using a Macbook OS X Version 10.4.11. That is 'Tiger'! OSX 10.4. Released in 2005! It is old! And consequently probably the source of most of your problems. Make a good backup, install Snow Leopar…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Tallest Skil Who would want to steal an Android phone? Every Apple or iPhone hating wannabe smartphone thief. Wanna bet how many millions of those there are IRL?
    in Plan B? Comment by achim November 2011
  • Quote: Originally Posted by bsenka That pastes that actual files into the text document, so you now have an unformatted newsletter of sorts containing every page and/or image of every document. Not what I'd call a manageable list. In TextEd…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Tallest Skil No. Even if you have iCloud set to automatically download apps on all devices, you'd still need to set up said app on each device. It's a fundamental difference in the way Apple and Google do things. …
    in Plan B? Comment by achim November 2011
  • Quote: Originally Posted by rallion123 A few days ago my Laptop felt from my bed and since then its creating problems while running. One of my friends said my hard drive has some physical problems. But, I want to clone my drive before I give i…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by compulsiveguile Any reason to suspect Aperture 4 soon? Not unless it is criminal.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Tallest Skil Your use of other sites doesn't excuse your illegal activity. Ermm... are you a judge?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Eric Mock I think the android people should stop copying Apple. You really think Siri is an Apple concept? Apple bought it.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by gyorpb iCloud works with pre-Lion OS's, too, with some tinkering. Imo you may expect iCloud to work with pre-Lion OSs within 6 months. WITHOUT 'TINKERING'. Because ? just like iTunes ? iCloud is a profit center that…
  • Select the file list in the finder, copy (Command-C) and paste (Command-P) into a TextEdit document. Ready.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by tonton What focal length should I use You want as little wide-angle distortion as possible ('pin-cushion' or 'barrel' distortion effect) because that complicates lining up the separate exposures in the pano. So use …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by sammick I have one from Verizon that works quite well in NY and in Seattle---it all depends on where you are and how stong the signal is at that location.---It is certainly not as fast as cable, but it is far better th…
    in hot spot Comment by achim November 2011
  • Don't worry. iCloud will come to Snow Leopard. Eventually it'll even come to Windows and Linux. It's a potentially OS-independent profit center. Just like iTunes went Windows, remember?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by tutumiles1 As I checked the utility function, the CPU seems to spike on Address Book and ICal... By 'utility function' you mean the 'Activity Monitor'? What happens if you kill them? Have you restarted since insta…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Spart Little heavy on the illicit drugs, there. Since when is alcohol an 'illicit' drug? Or are you perhaps in Saudi Arabia?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by philipm a company can keep going on momentum long after what made it successful at the start has gone. Look at HP, for example. Or IBM, or Microsoft...