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  • Nobody mentioned Microstation by Bentley, so I thought I'd add my 2 cents. I believe that if Microstation was made for Mac again (they stopped around 10 years ago, I think), a lot of people would use it on the Mac platform. I know of a lot of office…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by macwiz13335 http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/4810 It doesn't keep formatting very well, but is most likely good for lecture notes. Costs $20, which is probably overkill for something as simple as this, but it's the …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by dutch pear If she's in college/university: can't she get Office:mac for cheap through her school? That's how i got my office, it only costed me 20 euros (about 16 dollars). Otherwise keynote (part of iWork) should be…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by bode Which store they said it'll arrive next monday? Cause I've been calling too and they don't seem to know when exactly it'll arrive... I ordered on the web (Hong Kong Apple Store)
  • I just got a shipping notice for mine too! It will arrive next Monday. I was beginning to think it would never arrive
  • Quote: Originally Posted by UCSCAznSlug I am at new student at UC Santa Cruz waiting just like everyone else to purchase a new Core 2 Duo Macbook. I was talking to the Apple reps at the Bay Tree Book store on the UCSC campus and they told me that …
  • Quote: Originally Posted by melgross I'll wait until I see some before I get too "excited". So when're the new MBPs coming out? The rumour sites have quietened down so much - just as I'm in the market to buy a new MBP Sometime between now …
  • actually, that time of day point is very interesting. traditionally in ireland the main meal was eaten at lunchtime, because having done physical work all morning, people were hungry. now everyone seems to work in offices and have just a sandwich fo…
  • Well, speaking from an Irish perspective, I would say that obesity is not just confined to the USA. Health experts here are starting to panic about expanding waistlines. The situation isn't nearly as bad as the US, but it could be a problem in the f…