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  • "they don't respect you"
  • Quote: Originally posted by Xool Interesting... Video podcast content is better suited for playback on iPods and other mobile devices than mainstream content like movies and TV. Perhaps video Podcasts will be the first content for iPod A/V? …
  • Quote: Originally posted by ChevalierMalFet Oh and Dell's comments just expose them for the giant whores they are. "I can sell it for money? hell yeah. Just put it over next to the plasma TVs." Oh yeah. Let us just die of hunger for our marketin…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Danosaur You should be able to link songs together, so that even in shuffle they will play in order. They're sort of like "mini-playlists" which can range from two to a hundred songs. I'll elaborate if that's unclea…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Wealdstone OK, thanks for that. In my naivety I've probably made too many assumptions about connecting the two machines up. Damn it. I need a price drop on the 23" to make my decision more comfortable. who wouldn't…
  • Quote: Originally posted by DGNR8 I posted this in previous thread but it still holds true I think... You have got to be kidding me! This is what the wait was for? This is the best Apple could do? I mean lets look at this realisticly, Org iMac…
  • Quote: Originally posted by johnq There are a whole lot of stupid/naïve (if well intentioned) people out there that think "iPod = Macintosh-only", or that "Apple = PC incompatability". So once they see a large PC company hawking the iPod direc…
  • maybe a dumb question, but what's the difference between hp's ipod and apple's? what does apple or hp won from this?
  • Quote: Originally posted by TednDi why not use the ipod wheel as a rotary dial interface? where you touch the wheel would have a number then twist to dial. little bit retro but millions have used the interface before... it's just a little..…
  • i ain't got a mac yet. but in the winxp, i use the mozilla firefox. has anyone tried it on the osx?
  • Quote: Originally posted by MarcUK It was delayed, because MS just got delivery of some Dual 3ghz 980 developer machines, and realised that VPC ran just a little to well. So they added extra 'features' that 'improve' the 'user experience' which i…
  • how about it? have you tried it already?
  • i see... and how's it with dwg export/import?
  • how is this 3d dwg export thing? does it work? with which program?
  • but most for rendering, right? gotta start thinking of really changing from autocad.
  • i'm studing to be an architect, so the laptop would serve to do some plans and sideviews while i'm at scholl, as well as some 3d forms, while i don't change to another better program, (formz, you said?) and some lisp programs. i would maintain my h…
  • Quote: Originally posted by BigBlue As an alternative to AutoCad, how well does Vectorworks/Archicad hold ? I read somewhere that AutoCad is the most widely used, but not the best. However, everyone is insisting on AutoCad because everyone is usi…
  • how does the vpc perform running autocad 2002 in windows 2000, on one of those new 1Ghz 12" Ibook, with 1Gb of ram? 2d and 3d? is there any mac cad program that has a "perfect" 3d conversion of dwg?