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  • godaddy I've had a number of sites hosted with them. Good service. No down time. And very inexpensive.
  • Yeah, a few days ago I did set it up as you described in your second suggestion. That seemed to work. Thanks for the response.
  • Forget it. Pop $3.95 a month with and call it a day. Quick, easy and you can pay month-to-month or cancel at anytime.
  • I do have a palm-type device, Handspring Visor Deluxe. That was going to be my next sync the files from Outlook into that, then see if I could migrate the files to Entourage or Apple's address book. I can download the Mac version of …
  • I tried Outlook to Vcard, but the data was pretty scrambled. Not the clean, easy option I thought it would be. I tried to migrate to Entourage once with poor results. Then I tried to migrate to Apple's address book and the results were equally poor.…
  • Trust me. I'll put in a few hours of fiddling with conversion before I start entering this stuff manually. I'm going to try your suggestion with that vcard conversion before I try anything else. Right now I'm backing up copies of everything on m…
  • I've got about 1000 contacts in Outlook 2002. About 600 of them have vcard type information from Plaxo (an online utility program where recepients can send you updated contact information) . I'm trying to salvage as much data as possible and keep i…
  • Thanks Math-Sux (I agree with you, by the way. Math does suck, except when there is a dollar sign involved.). I'm a pretty quick learner, but can't say that hand coding strikes my fancy. Most everybody I talk with thinks Dreamweaver is the way to…
  • Are you BBedit users telling me I need to learn to code HTML? If so, any suggestions on the best way to go about this? I'm not disinterested, but I am clueless about writing code. Books? Courses? And can some of you list some websites written wit…
  • Are you guys using Dreamweaver and GoLive TOGETHER? If so, just curious about interfacing the two?
  • Original Mac to Mac SE. What's a HARD DRIVE? You mean I don't have to have a floppy drive for the program and another one for the data. COOL!
  • click here I'm not affiliated with this school, but it gives you an idea of what they're saying to connect to their Novell network. I'm investigating the same issue before I take the plunge to buy a PB 17". I have to be able to log onto our N…
  • Thanks for the input from those you of polite enough to just help a fellow out. To those of you who are overly sensitive about capitalization of specific letters ~ my lands, get over it. It's enough to make a guy avoid this crowd all together. I'…
  • Crusader, Easily offended, aren't you? B