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  • I'll try to take a more serious approach and give my best guess. 1. Apple TV with ATSC tuner to record "over the Air" programs. Since apple lost NBC on iTunes, they've got to give people another way to record the shows they want on their iPods/…
  • Well my source provides me with current builds to test, so he usually knows what is going on. Currently i'm running 106, but from my experience with it, i would expect gm to be further down the road. We should have more confirmation over the weeke…
  • This isn't just copying what spymac had to say, cause they say another couple builds, but my source says this 115 is the one. Maybe someone else can confirm as well.
  • This Domino and Raycer technology he is talking about, mpeg decode / encode, audio I/O, and all that good stuff is exactly what i said in "Raycer graphics coming but not in the form we were hoping" thread a week ago. There no one seemed to give it …
  • I had the same questions too at first about why to bother with another video chip when the current graphics cards are doing pretty well at things like decoding mpeg2 and the processor encoding faster than real time. And for those of you wondering w…
  • He "was" at apple when they expected it to be done by January, 2002. He recently got an update, but from what they told him, he couldn't make a clear prediction on whether they would make it by this July. I believe it has to be ready by then thoug…
  • [quote]Originally posted by RolandG: Sounds interesting... but I have a few questions: 1. How much would these chips add to the cost of a Mac that it would make its way into the consumer products? Well, its supposed to be integrated with the …
  • We don't work at an Apple Store, our store is much better than one of those. We are one of the oldest Apple retailers, and when the Apple stores can't support their customers they point them to us. Our store also does repairs, which the Apple stor…
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  • If this guy says we are getting new G4s then we are getting new G4s on Monday. I worked with him for 3 years, and when the boss says we are getting new stuff, that means he has been told by apple....The boss isn't into rumors, he just takes care of…
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