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  • I thought we'd already established that Microsoft have a games division earlier
  • Quote: Originally posted by PBG4 Dude Hey don't sweat it, AdvocateUK. You're probably right about it not being worthwhile to port DX just for MS games alone. If they were to put together a PC-XBox-Mac game development libraries, MS could prob…
  • Quote: Originally posted by BenRoethig If a product give a company an unfair advantge over its competitors, it is a violation of U.S. anti-trust laws and the Department of Justice and/or the attorney generals of the state/ territories has the rig…
  • Quote: Originally posted by BenRoethig If M$ were to port DX over to PowerPC, they'd be slapped with an anti-trust suit. The big reason they've been allowed to keep their DX monopoly is because they've convinced everyone it is so x86 dependent t…
  • Quote: Originally posted by PBG4 Dude Ummm, Halo is an XBox game. That's where it was first released. My comment was to the effect that MS does indeed make their own games as well. Granted, Flight Simulator, HellBender & Solitaire are all PC …
  • Quote: Originally posted by PBG4 Dude MS does certainly have a games division. Even before their acquisition of Bungee (those Halo guys) they put out games like Flight Simulator, HellBender, and of course, Solitaire! Jesus the whole reason I…
  • Quote: Originally posted by concentricity I think I disagree...and I think there's actually a strong business case to be made for Microsoft porting DX9 to the Mac... Between the xbox-next dev work being done on G5's, and the new VirtualPC, it …
  • Oh how I would love to see DX9 or DX10 on OSX (and all that would mean for gaming on OSX and developers) but alas I don't see that happening.
  • Quote: Originally posted by PBG4 Dude Damn. You beat me to it.
  • While I agree that the G5 derivatives would be good in a console (and I'm not the only one, Microsoft does too!) this is a waste of a thread. One word, Pippin. Move along please, nothing to see here.
  • Can anyone tell me where I can get this font? TIA
  • Here in the U my friend recently ordered an iBook and 20" iMac on my Apple account and the quoted shipping date is 3-4 weeks! Hopefully if they update the iBook he'll get the newer one.
  • You know, I skipped most of this thread because I've read all the "Two button mice are better" "One button mice rock!" arguments before. I am a long time pc user and only recently switched to Mac (1.8 single G5 PM) and I have to say the one butto…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Xool With wireless input this thing is killer! Yeah forgot about wireless. It'll be great to wirelessly insert cd's with this thing
  • What's the point of hanging this on the wall? Apple always surprise us with how easy, functional and beautiful they make their products. The new iMac changes this. Yes it's lovely to be able to hang your screen on the wall but can you imagine h…
  • Oh man, I was ready to sell my Powermac for a new iMac but these things are just so "unApple" I can't bring myself to do it. Some of the mockups in the iMac3 mockup thread were WAY more beautiful than this. What have they been smoking?
  • It's.........ugly If that pic is indeed correct then Apple has finally designed an ugly computer. Compared to the current iMac which IMO was an instant hit "looks-wise" this one sucks. Please tell me that pic is fake.....I mean come on, a w…
  • Which feed are you watching? I don't see anything about hardware!
  • This Keynote does seem to be dragging a bit, so far there's been nothing we haven't seen before. I dunno, I get the feeling we ain't gonna see the new iMac today.
  • Damn you all beat me to it.....UK and US store down here too