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  • Hi J4507, Have you selected all the right options in System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Trackpad tab? For what you want the 'Tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click' option should be ticked. It's also good to go th…
  • Hi EHOLT90, I've had the same problem with mine, but loosening on of the screws on the back just a tiny bit (one of the 2 middle ones out of the four on the back) solved the problem and it has now been silent for months. Shame that didn't work…
  • Hi wakerickman, Have you made sure, that the compilation albums have the 'part of compilation' info ticked? That should do the trick. Hope this helps
  • "had more than doubled from 12 to 23 million" I'm not sure if this is a quote taken from the original report, but with my simple maths 23 is not quite the double of 12, definitely not "more" Sorry, couldn't resist
  • Hi, Try going into your system prefs - Universal Access and select the 'Mouse' tab there. Make sure the 'Mouse Keys' option is set to OFF. That should bring you back the numbers on the number block of the keyboard. Hope this helps.
  • Hi Scrabble, Open Activity Monitor (from your Utilities folder), select the background app there and use the 'Quit Process' function in the top left. Hope this helps.
  • Hi everyone, Try deleting the "list.plist" file in the ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Downloads folder. Hope this helps
  • Do you have another drive mounted, possibly with a backup of your HD, so that you Application folder is present twice when the database is being recreated?
  • Hi stedwick, I'm pretty sure some sy7stem utilities like Onxy have an option to reset the "Open With" database, but I always do it in the terminal with the following; /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Framewor…
  • ooops, my mistake. Statistics is part of a nice freeware service 'WordService' which you can get here: http://www.devon-technologies.com/pr...e/services.php It also adds some other nice text services which I always find very useful. DigiH
  • Hi jeffster84, You can use the 'Statistics?' service in the Services option of the TextEdit menu. This is available to all cocoa applications and therefor in TextEdit as well. Hope this helps. DigiH
  • Hi Barbara, Have a look at iPhoto Diet http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/11668 It does exactly what you have done manually and a few more things to keep your iPhoto library streamlined. I have been using it for a long time and regu…
  • Hi slughead, Have you tried setting the source text and song text to large in the iTunes preferences? That should work nicely, unless your screen is REALLY FUZZY Hope this helps.
  • Why is it that people call others names so easily just because they haven't got a clue about the Apple product line themselves? The cinema displays can be used nicely with the magnetic mount because Apple has included a ferromagnetic metal strip…
  • Yes, they move. It's so maddening. I have three weather widgets open and they shift their location every time I start up dashboard for the first time, sometimes even overlapping. I really hope this will get fixed.
  • It means you're running Tiger, with which came the default of plists being saved in binary format. Trying to open those in a plain text editor gives you the above. If you have the Developer Tools installed you can open your .plist nicely with …
  • Hi, Any chance you have switched off the 'Look for remote speakers connected with AirTunes' option in the Audio section of the iTunes preferences? Hope this helps.
  • Hi everybody, Right clicking on an image an choosing the 'Edit in separate window' option will open up a window with all the usual Edit option, plus an extra 'Size' popup which also allows to choose a 100% display. A bit of a roundabout way bu…
  • Hi :-), Going to System Preferences - International - Formats, and changing the Region to the desired English setting should change the date and time to the format you want. DigiH Thanks for your hearty welcome Vox Barbara
  • Hi Speedlite, You need to turn off 'Show all file extensions' in the Finder prefs. Unfortunately this is a bug which is still around in Panther, changing your standard icons (Network, Macintosh HD, Desktop, Applications, Documents, Movies etc.…