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  • Quote: Originally posted by Brad This can not be actually "confirmed" until the 24th; so, can you honestly expect an answer? I guess not. I just thought someone might know something I don't. After all the build discussions since 10.0, I was s…
    in What build? Comment by jay October 2003
  • So is 7b85 definitely the build that's shipping on 10/24? Once the secret updater runs to remove the debug code?
  • [quote]Originally posted by nosey: If you have a very large document that is wider than your screen, you can hold shift-option and use the scroll wheel to go sideways. You can also side-scroll like this in the Finder in column view. Very handy.
  • I may be wrong here, but I think part of your slowdown could be your Mac running fsck (the file system checker) at startup. I think if you enable [http://www.macobserver.com/tip/2002/11/13.1.shtml]journaling[/URL] fsck won't run at every startup. Yo…
  • [quote]Originally posted by Junkyard Dawg: It will be free, count on it. Until OS X has feature parity with OS 9, updates for it will be free. Apple will charge for OS X updates once it begins to get features not found in OS 9 (not including th…
  • [quote]Originally posted by Alexander: I got the "Shipped" email (which seems faster and more reliable than the web site) Actually, I saw that my dualGHz had shipped on the site about 30 minutes before the email came (sorry if that turns you int…
  • [quote]Originally posted by Cosmo: KidRed, can you run iTunes and play a song and tell us how much CPU iTunes uses while playing. for best results choose the smallest player window (no playlist, etc) and hide itunes. The type "top" in the terminal …
  • Yep, it's CL3 RAM. I just got mine today. You know what else it is? It's fast as all get out hell. I got it to replace my B&W G3 and man, it SMOKES! Q3A runs great, RTCW is smooth as polished glass. It may not be a G5, but I wouldn't know any be…
  • Thanks KidRed, now I can't sleep tonight because my dual-1GHz is sitting in a FedEx warehouse waiting to be delivered tomorrow! I had almost pushed it out of my mind until tomorrow, but NOOOOOOO, I had to come in here and read what I have to wait un…
  • I haven't been around in a while. I thought the G5 has been out for ~6 weeks, right? I read that last time I was here...
  • I doubt they'd go down to just 10 megs. Although losing 4.99 gigs would make it smaller, it still seems like a downgrade. </sarcasm>
  • [quote]Originally posted by vinney57: Apple will NEVER produce either a still or video camera...accept and move on. As Gustav said earlier, they ALREADY did. It was called the
  • [quote]Originally posted by ProtoDAda: while waiting for new power mac..... watch "golden girls" you kill an hour.. just like that... HAHAHAHAHA!
  • I think it's a great design! The only fatal flaw is there's no space for PCI cards. I love the "suitcase feel" though.
  • I just doesn't seem reasonable that Apple would announce a speedbumped G4 tomorrow and then the G5 in the next 2-3 months. They've been pretty strict about the product rev times over the last few years, and that timeframe seems a little quick. I cou…
  • BillM said what I've been thinking for a long time, and thanks for that. My only problem with a lot of these sys. requirement options and MHz arguments is that "who needs that?" is not a valid response. Microsoft Word may not run faster, but games d…
  • Small? If anything, I'd like a bigger case! More PCI slots and please at least one more front-accessible drive bay. Smaller for an addition to the product matrix, but the pros should be bigger.
  • [quote]Originally posted by WeEeEeEdAsH: Don't know if anyone has already thought of this but... Would it be cost effective enough to make the next generation Keyboard and Mouse to integrate on each, a battery and wireless signal. Have USB cord…
  • As someone said in another post, Apple probably doesn't want to make a big event over breaking the gigahertz barrier. Even though that's great for us, it looks awfully slow when compared (number to number) to Intel/AMD processors.
  • I think it might make more sense for Apple to debut new Pro PMs at