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  • I am no longer tracking insider websites. So, did any website predict nano? Probably, not...
  • dummy me. delete my post
  • Quote: Originally posted by DHagan4755 I guess I'm being a real downer today, but I think the WWDC is going to be dud. That's what Steve wants you to think. You guys are tired of G5 powerbook waiting time. Think about it. Some of you predi…
  • Quote: Originally posted by THT I don't know about you, but Cell only shipping at 3.2 GHz is bad news for 970mp/gx shipping at 3+ GHz. Cell and Xenon are both supposed to be high clock speed, simple logic CPUs. There were designed to attain 3.…
  • my 2c guess both iBook and PowerBook will be updated. iBook is overdue and PowerBook is underpowered if iBook is updated.
  • Quote: Originally posted by emig647 The price. And the graphics options. I don't care about speed for the powermacs(dual 2.0 was fast enough for me) but powerbook speed definitely needs some improvement. Lets not forget that their currently are 7…
  • This thread confirms it. There are no rumors. Just wishes and opinions. Apple security is looking strong.
  • Quote: Originally posted by philby Looks like the PowerBook will in fact need a G5 sooner or later. (from Native HD support in software will require HD monitor in PowerBook. It might mean a better grap…
  • Quote: Originally posted by PB Indeed, there is something wrong there. It is perhaps the memory (too little), something with the installation, or some background process eating up CPU. Check for spyware. Those apps might tend to stay active,…
  • Quote: Originally posted by onlooker Your saying an IBM engineer used the term bolted on to describe their altivec compatible SIMD engine? I'm shocked. Sometimes you have to simplify to help tech writer to understand.
  • Quote: Originally posted by onlooker Your precious Apple "experience" is all about f***ing you over. They are waiting for parts to become outdated to get them at bargain prices, then they charge you an arm, and a leg for some shitty update you …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Chikara Is there anything pointing to a real powerbook coming out with Tiger at Macworld in July? I go out of country from May to the end of the june, and I am just praying that when I get back to Hawaii there will be…