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  • Quote: Originally posted by Blascock Does anyone have pics of a 30" cinema display? i would love to see pics of that beast! and the set up along with it. Yes..i also have those.For the occasion(picture taken) transferred them to my sleeping-q…
  • eeeeh...nope..just surfing the web, downloading songs,burning cd's and some text-working, you know the usual home-things.
  • I am also waiting for the new PB's. I still have the old 1 GHZ 17 inch and will not upgrade to the latest one cause.. is still G4. You what the best thing is for waiting? When the G5 PB is there you have alot of cash saved up to…
    in Powerbooks Comment by cma February 2005
  • Just my 2 cents: I presume no picture of your iMac was taken before it was stolen? I for example make of everything i have a pic just incase.Photo and documented in all.
  • Because some folks liked my setup and it disappeared from the server here it is again with a second pic as an extra angle.
  • no no no...that is an old 'Johny come lately'trick and gives you to much hassle when you gonna save it (pdf/photo-shop bs) simple: Click for Capture Me so one can make screendumps,dvd-screendumps or whatever screen-picture you want. When you…
  • If someone like 'chikara' desperate wants some chick as their wallpaper: here is josie!
  • Quote: Originally posted by pfflam just got mine back . . . it was getting a tune up I saw this thread so I had my man take a picture: this your own car or just a pic from some website... \ Quote: BTW: nothng is more absur…
  • Quote: Originally posted by muah So, my first real question is: Who in the heck are you that you already have a Mac Mini? some lucky dweep who happens to have the ways to get one already... for his collection just like this and this one.
  • My 2 cents last year during a summertrip. girlfriend in the hummer beeing helped by me. big bad "hummer" front.
  • I haven't seen 'Alexander' yet cause of the spear time i have but i wanna see it to make up my own opinion instead of what folks want me to believe. I also have something against big media-exposure of "How great a certain movie is" cause that remin…
  • Oh well...i posted my old setup of last year already in this thread. NOTE: please... only Mac's inhere and not some lame Dell..Acer..IBM or whatever wintel-driven computer(Sony is excluded and accepted to be shown cause at least they have coo…
  • Guess what: I have the motorola V3 together with my other "add-ons" Great phone and very happy with it!
    in Cell phone Comment by cma January 2005
  • Oh yeah..'progressive' as in: ¨Resident Evil Apocalypse
  • No problemo... You want the silver/wood one... or the wood one?
  • cool! before i post mine: It would be nicer to post YOUR pictures of your mac with your own selfshot pictures instead of using pictures from the official Apple website. That's lame and kindda dorky cause that doesn't add what is asked in this thre…
  • cool! Here is mine of last year
  • Quote: Originally posted by TigerWoods99 I dont know how anyone can revere Elvis and call him the "king" of anything. He stole his music from black musicians in Memphis night clubs. Oh please cut that selfproclaimed 'black'whining! El…
  • First of all congrats with the upcomming marriage but a small advice on the photo's: Next time focus more on your wife to be instead of the cat and the surroundings cause a 'stranger' would think that 'Heather' is the cat cause it is in the pictur…
  • Well " The King" still is the greatest despite that he isn't around anymore and that not everybody likes his music for whatever reasons. Because of that let's check this '68 tv-special out.