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  • you can get blue tooth stuff or you can just get PS-2 to USB conversion connectors. I have a PS-2 mouse and it plugs into a ps-2 to USB connector and then into my Mac mini. Then i bought an Apple keyboard, because mine was 4 years old and i wanted…
  • I got a 1.42 mini with 512megs of RAM. You can easily do what you ask. I can download video to my mini with firewire and open imovie and edit it, and then open idvd and burn ad movie, and while burning the movie, surf the web while I wait. …
  • FWIW, Im a 10 year windows veteran, I have two PC's and one at work. YESTERDAY I purchased a mini 1.42 and on the way home bought a 512Meg stick of Corsair RAM. I set it up and ran it first with the 256Meg stick. I transfered some photos…
  • Well I have to disagree fully! I purchased a mini yesterday and hooked it up with the adapter, to my Dell 19 inch trinitron. And it is absolutly fabulous. Actually my mini is the 1.42 variety and I installed 3rd party Corsair 512meg RAM and t…
  • yep, im with ya, better GPU and get the HD right and maybe 512Mb of RAM. and im buying! dont care bout the CPU speed, that is plenty fast, the supporting cast needs help though. trout
  • Still wondering how Apple will announce updates? Do they release a statement, or do they just do it. How about some percentages, ill go first, ipod updates = 90% iMac updates = 75% what do you think? trout
  • you seem to be the only one that thinks that. why do you say "nope" trout
  • they do not share any components. mini=g4, different motherboard, different GPU, and different HD hopefully a Rev. B on the way! trout
  • 9600, X300 or X600, which one is the best? and how much better are any of these than the 5200Ultra. Is it just more RAM or is the CPU faster/better? Trout
  • my reasoning is this, bare with me: Apple is on a tear. is trading at 60+ times earings and that is dangerous, if you want the stock to keep climbing higher. As the stock climbes out of the 70's and into the 80's the number of inve…
  • the more I think about it I am betting that the GPU will remain the same. I do, however, think that the midplane will be the upgrade path for the future of this design. For the third revision of the imac we may get a better GPU and a new generat…
  • fine with me, you can kill this thread if you like. trout
  • yeah, im going to wait. Ill wait till June 21-05. after that, no matter what im buying it! ill be 31 on the 21st, and my wife says she will buy me a iMac for my birthday. I can get one now, but might as well wait til then. trout
  • I sure hope your right and they do upgrade the GPU, for what its worth, I went to the Apple store this last weekend and the sales rep. said this "I highly doubt that they will upgrade the GPU, likely a speed bump to 2Ghz, and 512mg ram with Tiger…
  • I did some research on the *Current* card in tyhe iMac, the 5200 ultra. And this is directly from Tom's site: *****The gap between the FX 5600 Ultra and the FX 5800 is a big one - too big, actually. Here, NVIDIA was apparently overzealous in wie…
  • Well I did purchase my Dell in 1999/2000, its a 933MHZ PIII XPS.The graphics card that came in it was a Nvidea 4X AGP with 64Megs, at least that is what it says when I start it up!\\ Not saying it is a good as the Imac, I hope not, just saying that…
  • im with steven, please share your thoughts. trout
  • Mac Newbie, planning on switching as soon as the Rev. B comes out. So this is a bump. IF there will most "likely" be NO graphics card improvement then I would be inclined to buy now. I really dont care about .1-.3 MGHZ improvement. I would be …