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  • Anybody know if the two finger right click is added to powerbooks as well?
  • Here's a good deal on a viewsonic that I've had my eye on... now if I could just get a job.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Neruda Here's another one: The computer goes to sleep or logs out when ever I'm doing something which takes a long time, thereby interrupting what I'm doing. Examples: downloading large files or rendering Final Cu…
  • Touching is bad.
  • Quote: Originally posted by chocolatedude I am wondering about iPod linux. I am thinking about installing it, but have the following questions: 1) When I install it, will I lose anything? 2) Does it replace the default OS? 3) Can I uninst…
    in iPod Linux Comment by lupa June 2006
  • Nick's iPod Beat that, punks.
  • How did you get songs on the ipod in the first place?
  • Does it show up under disk utility, and have you tried different ports?
  • Actually, I really dislike the razr. The proportions of the face are just weird to me and limit the advantage of such a slim design (or maybe I was just looking at an older model?). Any others?
  • I don't see why Apple would use a laptop drive for the ipod in the first place.
  • Quote: Originally posted by 1337_5L4Xx0R Desktop Manager, virtual desktops for OS X (it's a unix thang, but these can be very handy! I would recommend Virtue since desktop manager is no longer being developed. Virtue is based off the same c…
    in Advice Comment by lupa May 2006
  • Quote: Originally posted by addabox He went thataway. Still crafting mockups in Illustrator. I think it's funny that the bone of contention, "Asteroid", never saw the light of day. I think Steve Steved it just out of pique. I thought I …
  • Quote: Originally posted by builttospill well, I'm not super technical about how viruses affect OSes, but I just think that putting Windows so close to OS X would open up a world of issues. This could be a virus developers dream come true. S…
  • Have you tried unchecking the option to keep copies of files of media in the itunes music folder?
  • Quote: Originally posted by ctachme wait a second ... apple only has 26% marketshare?? I thought it had over 70% marketshare!! 70% or so in the US. The 26% is a global figure.
  • Some software developers gonna have some esplainin to do.
  • Quote: Originally posted by TednDi I would guess yes, considering that the image of the macbook in black on the apple site is running aperture. That's just the latest version of iPhoto in full screen. It also reads iphoto in the top left of …
  • This is probably the first place you should look: Just bear in mind, you probably won't be able to make OS upgrades without breaking the installation, and of course apple won't help you with any support. Best of l…
  • I just don't get how people would buy into that. I mean isn't it contradictory to buy into the advertising of a large company when you're trying to be a non-comforist or whatever? Advertising like this just makes me want to beat my head against a …
  • Quote: Originally posted by andy1908 i booted up using the os disc and found out that my partitions were all f-d up. so i basically went into disc utility and erased my entire hard drive to start from scratch. i backed up my hd using an external …