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  • Quote: Originally posted by lundy And you can run Terminal from the boot DVD also, to list the Applications folder. I think... Look in the menu and see. You guys have been very helpful, and I'm ready to reboot from the CD to see where t…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Xool Disk Utility can also examine your drive structures for problems, Verify or Repair Volume rather than Verify or Repair Permissions. However, you can't repair a volume that you've booted from and doing live verifi…
  • Well, I got disk utility by using spotllight, thank you. But I'm afraid that running Disk Utility permissions repairs -- didn't fix the underlying problem with bomb outs on Applications. Please have some more good ideas.
  • Quote: Originally posted by speed_the_collapse Have you tried using Spotlight to reach any of your apps? That's a splendid idea, and no I hadn't thought of it. But when I just tried to get Disk Utility that way, it tells me it will have to in…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Xool Sounds "fun". Have you used Disk Utility to verify the drive? No, I haven't, because Disk Utility is one of the Applications that I can't reach.
  • Thanks reg, but I doubt that is the problem. I'm using Photoshop CS2 with a plugin dated August 22, which I believe is 3.2. The reference you give shows both 20D and D1X to be included in 3.1. Is it possible there are undocumented improvements in th…
  • I'd like to suggest: 1. Everybody try Stumble Upon. 2. It doesn't work in Safari. According to Stumble Upon, it's because Safari doesn't provide something. Unless it's money they mean, I suggest Safari either get with it or supply it's own Stum…
  • Hey, look, fellas. Why can't we users be systematic about this Tiger release? Apple lists 200+ new features in Tiger, and I don't doubt there are dozens of good ones, dozens of ho-hums, and a large number that will be of interest to some of us, not …
  • Quote: Originally posted by GreggWSmith I had it on my Powerbook for a few days but went back to Panther for a while. My issues were all PC related... VPC does not work well with it (shared networking no worky) and Remote Desktop is reealllyy sl…
  • I would certainly advise anyone who has Microsoft Word (Microsoft Office for Mac) installed, to wait on converting to Tiger until the bug is fixed that destroys your fonts. Apparently, there is a plug-in which must be installed first, or something l…
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